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Kel William Marshal was born into a minor noble family, and after a lifetime of loyal service was given land to honor his dedication to the Crown. But Kel Marshal would not get to enjoy the retirement he had earned, for his very own Father-In-Law bamboozled him into leading an expedition to Caldonia - a cursed frozen waste, abandoned long ago by both men and gods. While William was frustrated with this turn of events he was also a man of honour, so he had no choice but to take on the task to the best of his abilities. He assembled a team to help him explore and tame Caldonia in the name of the Crown.

The first was a mysterious, tattooed arcanist from far-away Mahtava, called Jaromir. Next, he recruited an enigmatic Half-Elf (who was an expert on cold weater survival, but also treated all humans with contempt), called Pharis. The last team member was a master climber, who was also currently residing in prison, known as Grimes.

With his team and equipment assembled, the expedition set sail for Caldonia and glory.


They arrived to cold reception, not only from the land itself but from the garrison of the fort. They learned on arrival that the cook, David's young daughter, Amelie, was to be shipped back to the mainland after having sneaked aboard a previous ship. The child was so distraught however, that she jumped off the rowboat and into the freezing ocean. Grimes decided to be a reluctant hero and save her from the grasp of the freezing waters.

Once Grimes and the child were warmed, the Kel's team was introduced to the important garrison members and given a brief of the current situation. They were told that their first task would be to reduce the Snowbold members in the area. The party other than William were not used to the strict military procedures used by the garrison troops, which led to some friction and William wisely decided to set out on patrol sooner rather than later.

They set out into the snow bedecked land where the weather was more dangerous than the fierce creatures that dwelled there. After some time, the patrol stumbled across some tracks, which are too large to belong to Snowbolds and so they decided to follow the trail and see what had left them. Turns out the tracks belong to a pack of Gnolls, which the party decide to ambush. The battle is brutal, but eventually the Gnolls break and flee. But the party pursue and cuts them all down except for one which they take prisoner. The victors loot the fallen Gnolls - only to find that Gnolls don't carry much in the way of wealth or useful equipment. Dejected, the party returns to the fort, prisoner in tow.

  • Recap By Layla Ellis & Christiaan Ellis
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