Kel William Marshal gets volunteered to lead a dangerous mission to Caldonia. He needs to recruit three experts to accompany him.

Jaromir, an eccentric wizard heavily inked with the occult.

Pharis, a caustic half-elven fighter of stinging words.

Grimes, a thief down on his luck.

Suulwikk's court wizard directs Kel William first to the outlandish Mahtavan who "can do more than just throw fireballs". Hoping to further understand his own tattooing with what he might find in Caldonia the idiosyncrantic oddball Jaromir joined the expedition.

"Sounds like someone you wouldn't forget."

On the word of guard captain Byrus Tellos, he then treks out to the frozen south looking for a territorial, surly half-elf. Promised all the elven relics they find in exchange for his survival expertise, Pharis joins the party.

"...but where we're going, maybe a little bit of wildness could be helpful."

William strikes a deal with the incarcerated Grimes on the princess's recommendation, service to the crown on the expedition as a mountaineer in exchange for temporary freedom and a commuting of sentence. Even agreeing Grimes is not released until the day of the expedition.

"A suitable fellow."

Whatever they requisition before they head off to the icy lands they are granted.

Extra info:

  • Byrus had remembered Pharis as a girl.
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