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Caldonia is the cursed continent to the south of Arcadia. 1509 years ago it was frozen over in the same horrific event that created the canals of Arcadia. Since then, nobody has ventured to this lost land. High Princess Sela of the kingdom of Drekis is launching an expedition to Caldonia in hopes of recovering the treasures of a lost civilization. Our heroes will have to battle the elements alongside unknown dangers as they explore uncharted lands.


Neal Pass Erickson - Dungeon Master
Greg Hansen - Jaromir
Nick Prouvost - Kel William Marshal
Ryan Hufschmid - Grimes
Sean - Pharis



Kel William Flashback Specials[]

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
William Marshal (age 14) wants to be a squire, so Lord Marshal asks Kel Roderick to take William on.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Kel Roderick & Squire William Marshal (age 17) battle Orcs a little close to home.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Kel Roderick & Squire William Marshal (age 17) head north on a new campaign against the Orcs.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Kel William Marshal (age 26) must impress the merchant Richard in order to marry one of his daughters.

Grimes Flashback Specials[]

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Little Marri (age 12-13) is a Chimney Sweep who needs to earn 200 copper for this father's medicine.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Marri (age 15?) is given his first serious job, to take care of a mountain guide. His father's life is on the line.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Grimes (age 16) assists the crime family in obtaining something of value from the Lord of Fen Den.

Jaromir Flashback Specials[]

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Jaromir (age 22), an exile from Mahtava, is the Magic Healer of Stumptown.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Jaromir (age 16), meets Victoria and starts to understand how much of a slave he is in his sheltered life in the Mahtavan Main Temple in Zelenia.

Pharis Flashback Specials[]

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Pharis (age 15) hunts down Goblins who have taken some children from his hometown of Ditch Water.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Pharis (age 16) meets 3 elves and joined their quest to find out about if Caldonian Elves escaped to the Frost Lands in southern Drekis.

Chapter 1[]

Brief summary of the plot of this episode without spoilers.

The party arrive in Caldonia and get to work to scout around the expance around Fort Wikk.

The party interrogate their captured Gnoll, Gnash, to learn more about the area.

The party rests in a cave that Gnash lead them to, but are ambushed in the night.

The party decide that the next step in their guerrilla war against the Gnolls would be to make a fake camp to lure Gnolls into an ambush.

The party have a tense meeting with Bokassa, leader of a pack of Gnolls.

The Party is stuck in Fort Wikk as there is a blizard, and find ways to entertain themselves.

Episode 07: Cold Snap 24 July 2017 Youtube Vid Discussion
The party sets out on another trek, but don't get very far before another blizzard starts kicking up. The party frantically gather what firewood they can, hoping it will help them survive the deadly weather. Jaromir discovers a frozen human body perfectly preserved in strange garb

Our intrepid explorers leave the safety of their shelter, and head toward the mysterious smoke column, which they find out to be some kind of massive Gnoll funeral pyre.

Chapter 2[]

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
The party head back to Fort Wikk, intending to investigate the lighthouse they saw.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Episode 10: Ghost Town 18 October 2017 Youtube Vid Discussion
The party investigate the ruins of Salt Port.

The party loot the Salt Mine, then they encounter an Owlbear on the way towards the Salt Port Lighthouse.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Episode 12: Old Enemies 1 November 2017 Youtube Vid Discussion
The party hunt down the Gnolls causing trouble for Fort Wikk.

After some downtime at Fort Wikk, the party get boated down to Treasure Town.

Episode 14: Plunder 30 November 2017 Youtube Vid Discussion
The party find a massive locked vault deep under Treasure Town, and need to find a way to open it to get the loot inside.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
The party leave Salt Port in search of the tower they heard about.

The party launches their surprise attack on a Gnoll Tower, but find themselves surprised as Tolin the frost giant rises from the snow outside.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
The party find themselves worshiped by Kobolds as they travel back to Treasure Town.

While waiting for the next ship in Treasure Town, the party do some scouting and run into some Gnolls who tell them of a ruined tower to the south.

The party returns to Fort Wikk and learn about Drekis on the mainland going to war, but they need gold for the war effort. The party then head to Salt Port to loot the treasure protected by a ghost in the brothel.

Grimes & Jaromir investigate the Salt Mine. Kel William invites the Gnoll Leader, Mangi, to meet with them. Pharis gets weapon mastery. Jaromir creates the Ice Golem, Kat.

Mangi, and an army of Gnolls, attack the party at Salt Port Keep.

Episode 22: Sleet 2 March 2018 Youtube Vid Discussion
Sleet shows up at Salt Port Keep, but the party hides. The party returns to Fort Wikk to recover from the fight with the Gnoll army.

The party return south to deal with the Sleet, once and for all.

Chapter 3[]

Episode 24: Chapter 3 4 April 2018 Youtube Vid Discussion
The party haul the treasure hoard back to Fort Wikk.

An unfamiliar ship docks at Fort Wikk and it turns out to be mercenaries flying a false flag, assaulting the Fort.

Episode 26: Swampside 6 April 2018 Youtube Vid Discussion
The Fort Staff move to the new Fort, Swampside down south. In the temple at the new fort contain warnings of a creature called a Scrag.

The party explore the Catacombs below the new fort at Swampside.

The party continue to explore the Catacombs below the new fort at Swampside.

The party investigate a strange grove of trees and meet a Kobold spy named Nimrod.

Episode 30: Scragic 9 June 2018 Youtube Vid Discussion
On the way to New Haven, the party find an odd cave full of torture implements.

The party meet with Nimrod's chieftain, before heading back to Swampside.

Episode 32: Conquest 15 June 2018 Youtube Vid Discussion
Brief summary of the plot of this episode without spoilers.

The party reach the ancient Caldonian City of Conquest.

In the dark, Kel William and Grimes make a terrifying discovery in the Crypts of the Illumis temple in Conquest.

While resting from the events of the previous episode, Grimes spots 3 giants outside the city.

The party discover an iron mine and rush to inform Princess Sela before Zaaz's ship leaves for 2 months.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
The party exploring the Crypts under the Giant Temple to Nerual.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
The party head to speak with the leader of the Frost Giants, Gordoth the wise.

The party escort the fort staff, some scholars, and 40 slaves to the city of Conquest.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Episode 40: Time to Die 28 October 2018 Youtube Vid Discussion
The party investigate the mysterious Scrag Hole.

Chapter 4[]

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Episode 41: Chapter 4 18 November 2018 Youtube Vid Discussion
The party search forFrostbite and put Jaromir's plan into action.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Episode 42: Vengeance 25 November 2018 Youtube Vid Discussion
The party venture into the Scrag Hole for revenge.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
The party loot the Scrag lair then seek answers from the Frost Giants.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
The party go to loot Gale's Lair, but they have company.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
The party return to Conquest and do some research at the temples.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
The party visit Zarrah's Gnoll pack and try to recruit them against the Scrag.

FroFro2 - Lichbrush
Episode 47: Finale 13 January 2019 Youtube Vid Twitch Vid Discussion
The final episode where everything can end.