Count vicious and Fortune

by Matthew Burger

Fortune is a Plains town that is been in the same family for generations. It's kind of a quiet place, there's very rarely any news out of this area (Game On Ep 4).

It is a smallish town. You're guessing probably 4,500 people. The keep is on a raised plateau like area within the confines of the town walls. All the buildings here are dingy, single-story; they look like they've seen better days, many of them have collapsing roofs or dilapidated walls. The streets are surprisingly busy for this hour of night, there are people moving to and fro trading goods and wares, shuffling about in rags. - One Shots: Fortunes End
The funeral procession leads through the city streets, up to the winding switch-back path that leads to the base of the keep. The catacombs are within the plateau itself. - One Shots: Fortunes End

Leadership Edit


Count James Vicious: 5'8" 165lb human male. Born 1466 (43). Anti-Social.


Mina: 5'5" 140lb human female. Born 1476 (33). Naive.

High ClericEdit

Rupart Thorn: 6'2" 154lb human male. Born 1451 (58). Nervous. (Deceased)


Dramos: 6'3" 230lb human male. Born 1463 (46). Obsequious. (Deceased)


10: clubs, 5: heavy crossbows, clubs

Demographics Edit

  • Human 100%
  • Noble Houses 8

Inns Edit

  • Poor
    • The Hanged Man

Taverns Edit

  • Poor
    • Horse Piss, Surly Trout, Bear Milk
  • Common
    • Clinks, Bruckle’s Brew

Temples Edit

  • Voraci 1

Watersource Edit

  • Razorbrook River & River Crux, and a few small wells

Other Edit

  • Full Moon Tavern - A Disguised Thieves Den

Noteables Edit

  • Only one temple, and it’s to the death godess
  • The townsfolk have a heavy accent, and are mistrustful of outsiders.
  • Dry and hot all the time. Rarely cloudy.
  • Unusually low numbers of guards, with no armor and low quality weapons.
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