"Unintelligible Dwarven Noises" ― Flinthart

Appearance Edit

A heavily armored, bulky and slightly fat dwarf wielding a sword of flaming light. He has a great beard, half grey from time. Upon his form are combat scars from countless battles before him.

History Edit

Flinthard Bluesteel, known as Flint, served as a Royal Guard in Bluesteel City. A distant cousin to Thane Grimgore Bluesteel. Is a well-versed forgemaster. Used to smiths armor and weapons when not working as a royal guard for Thane Grimgore.

  • Flint came to the party originally to bring them the flaming sword and was assigned by the Thane to help them retrieve the hammer (if any task needs doing, bring a dwarf to get it done well).
  • Loves: a great brawl, epic tales, a good drink of beer and mead. apt to find the nearest tavern on arrival.
  • Hates: orcs, weakness (especially in the face of danger)
  • Worked in Bluesteel City as a Royal Guard for King Grimgore - he is a Bluesteel by blood and family, but is fairly removed from the bloodline - he's a renowned warrior of the city, and follows a Crafting God named Sayor
  • Married to Agatha
  • Sons are Gimli and Gloin

Features & Traits Edit

  • Divine Sense (Paladin lvl 1)
  • Lay on Hands (Paladin lvl 1)
  • Fighting Style: Defensive (Paladin lvl 1)
  • Divine Smite (Paladin lvl 2)
  • Divine Health (Paladin lvl 2)
  • Sacred Oath: Conquest (Paladin lvl 3)
  • Channel Divinity (Conquest lvl 3)
    • Conquering Presence
    • Guided Strike
  • Extra Attack (Paladin lvl 5)
  • Aura of Protection (Paladin lvl 6)
  • Aura of Conquest (Conquest lvl 7)

Equipment Edit

  • Flame Tongue
  • Bluesteel Platemail
  • Bluesteel Royal Tower Shield

Spells Edit

  • Level 1: Bless, Detect Evil and Good, Cure Wounds, Detect Magic, Heroism, Shield of Faith, Armor of Agathys, Command
  • Level 2: Branding Smite, Find Steed, Magic Weapon, Zone of Truth, Lesser Restoration, Protection from Poison, Locate Object, Hold Person, Spiritual Weapon
  • Level 3: Bestow Curse, Fear

Languages Edit

  • Common, Dwarvish


  • Raw Rolled Stats: 12,14,18,14,10,14
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