Known as Flang for short.

The city walls have stones at the base, then a layer of logs, then a layer of stones, then some palisade spikes with barbed wire over that, then another layer of stones, some downward facing spikes with barb wire on it, then the top has some parapets with some fake bodies rocking left to right.

The Docks all look like a completely different design and the piers aren't uniform or made of the same material, one pier is very tall and made of wood and one made of stone is barely above water, one appears to be made of just piled rocks with dirt and grass on top, one is a lot of kelp in the shape of a dock.

Some roads are cobblestones, some are unfolded panels of wood attached with hinges, some are metal poles laying flat on the ground. Gnomes speak their native language when no outsiders are around, but will switch to common to rhyme to to show off their intelligence if they spot an outsider.

Leadership Edit

  • Unknown              

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  • Gnome - 100%                       

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  • Wells
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