For the Honorbound Human Fighter, see Honorbound.
  • His mixed eye colour was due to a Change Self spell that took place before the Campaign began. He must use magic in order to hide this.

History Edit

Fenric lived on a farm on the outskirts of Swampside with his parents sometime during the Age of Heroes or Age of Mist. It was there he developed his magical abilities, as well as knowledge in other areas including engineering, due in large part to his exceptional intelligence. One day as he experimented with his non-magical skills, trying to create a variety of oil, he caused an explosion which killed his parents and started fires in the surrounding area. Thinking he could get into some serious trouble he quickly left the area and headed West until he reached Marmaan. It is in Marmaan that his story truly begins.

Fenric begins, as an untrained and unaffiliated Wild Wizard with no direction and very little money, standing outside the Goofy Dog tavern. He is standing outside waiting to meet with a man named Chase in order to gain a spellbook by settling a deal. He enters the tavern to find information regarding Chase's whereabouts. A young boy named Gitech informs him he's missing and takes him to his sister, Cookie, for more information. Cookie takes Fenric to the sewers. After a brief investigation he finds Chase but cannot locate the book he was looking to purchase. The next day he searched the Sewer again with Gitech fighting some lizardfolk and comes back with a book. It turns out however that it's the wrong book. Then he hires a dwarf mercenary the following day and they search again but still finds no spellbook.

Weapon Proficiencies Edit

  • Quarterstaff

Non-Weapon Proficiencies Edit

  • Reading/writing, Fire-building, Engineering (2), Herbalism (2), Alchemy (2), Brewing

Equipment Edit

  • Quarterstaff, Knife, Spellbook

Spells Edit

Languages Edit

  • Common, Lower Common
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