• Smallish town. Slower pace, more trade with loose oversight. Head of the kingdom’s thieves' guild. Thugs and thieves.
  • Great Kennelmasters

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler: Lord Balsheer (FroFro) or Matriarch Karrak (ODaM)
  • Captain:
  • Gatekeeper:
  • Sheriff: 85 year old man
  • Watchmen:

Demographics Edit

Inns Edit

Taverns Edit

  • Dusty's Tavern
  • Red End

Other Edit

  • Orphanage
  • Lord Balsheer's Keep near the ceter of town, just past the Confluence
    • The Keep is a series of towers joined together. The top floor appears at least 6 floors high.

Temples Edit

  • Generalist Temple

Watersource Edit

  • Lamdoon River & Odila River
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