Fanmap of the Known Area of Ethos by McTacky

Ethos is the northmost landmass or island in the Arcadian Isles. It is the location of the campaign Outpost Santa Barbara.

Not much is known about this new area. Only a small area south of a mountain range has been explored. North of the mountains appears to be a vast Avocardo Jungle.

According to the Sea Elves living in the waters near the island, Ethos is a land under construction by the gods. All attempts by mortals to see this construction process will be rebuffed. A side effect of this construction process is the use of rifts to the Elemental Planes. This results in elementals unwillingly appearing in the Prime Material Plane.

Drekis Colony[edit | edit source]

Santa Barbara[edit | edit source]

Southern Islands[edit | edit source]

  • Anacapa Island - Visited During Episode 01
  • Santa Cruz Island - Lili was found shipwrecked on the island unconscious in Episode 04
  • Santa Rosa Island
  • San Miguel Island

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The area around Santa Barbara is based on the geography around the real world Santa Barbara located on the West Coast of the United States of America. Neal Pass Erickson has commented that beyond this starting area, the geography will be very different from that of the real world.

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