Empires of Arcadia is set on a lost island, separated from the Arcadian mainland by a vicious deep sea monster that appeared long ago. The monster hunts ships who dare venture into the deepwater, and no mortal has found their way to the island in over 1,500 years. History and society broke down during the island’s isolation. Survival is paramount.

Our setting takes us to a wild land overrun by jungles. Some races have flourished and some have diminished. Monsters proliferate freely on the island and threaten the few unified towns.

Our party begins as an elite class of citizens in one of the rare jungle towns called Yaka. They are known as rangers. Men and women who work for the city council to protect the town from its many threats. Their decisions will define the island’s future.



Episode 01 9 October, 2019 Youtube20px Twitch20px
The new group of Rangers are orderd to help the village of Umma.
Episode 02 16 October, 2019 Youtube20px
The Rangers defend Umma from Anthrax the Dragon.
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