This is a future campaign set in a location called Trog Canyon.

"There was an empire, but then there was a war. Soon the merchants stopped coming, and eventually the tax collectors stopped coming. An army came through and sacked the town at the end of the canyon. Nobody came back to rebuild it. We've been on our own for the last 20 years now." - an oral history of the area

Cast[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

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00: Character Creation 20th February 2021 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png
Character Creation
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01: The Troglodytes 20th March 2021 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png Reddit Discussion
Troglodytes appear in Trog Canyon
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02: A Thin Layer of Magic 27th March 2021 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png Reddit Discussion
Trog Canyon is attacked by strange magical creatures
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Episode 03 17th April 2021

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