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Elves are slightly shorter, and much slighter of frame, than humans. Elven males average 5’0” in height and 112 lb in weight. Elven females average 4’8” in height and 92lb in weight. On the whole, dwarves and elves tend to be of similar weights, but are about a foot apart in height. Each pair of parents typically raises 2-3 children over the course of their lifetime, although families with 5+ kids are not unheard of.

There are no high elves, grey elves, dark elves, aquatic elves, or wood elves. Elves are just elves in Arcadia, with varying skin tones.

Elves Height Weight
Males 2d6+53 112
Females 2d6+49 92
Lifespan 850 years

Elves view all the other races as unfortunate creatures who don’t live long enough to truly understand or appreciate the world. Other races are short tempered, crass, destructive, and short sighted. Elves rarely make their home outside their own lands, and even more rarely let non-elves settle in amongst them. Visitors are kept to the borders, but treated with kindness.

Their long-lived nature makes the common elf a formidable opponent. The elven lands are famed for the their rangers who guard their borders. A handful of elven rangers can defend against many times their numbers.

Elves are excellent craftsmen, but their weapons and armor are never sold to outsiders, lest they fall into the hands of enemies. They may be gifted to someone the elves wish to honor. Elven weapons are light and swift (½ weight and +1 to hit), while elven chain mail (AC bonus of 6, 20lb) is renowned across the land for its strength and weight.

Elves don't know their parents names until they turn 100 (Devotion Episode 25).

Racial Info

From 2e Player's Handbook:

  • Movement 12, Infravision, 60'
  • +1 on attacks with long or short bows.
  • +1 on attacks with long or short swords.
  • Racial Ability Requirements: Str 3/18, Dex 6/18, Con 7/18, Int 8/18 , Wis 3/18, Cha 3/18
  • Racial Ability Score Adjustment: +1 Dex, –1 Con
  • Class Restrictions: Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, Thief, or Ranger. In addition, an elf can choose to be a multi-class fighter/mage, fighter/thief, or ranger. In addition, an elf can choose to be a multi-class fighter/mage, fighter/thief, fighter/mage/thief, or mage/thief.
  • Elven characters have 90% resistance to sleep and all charm-related spells. This is in addition to the normal saving throw allowed against a charm spell.
  • An elf can gain a bonus to surprise opponents, but only if the elf is not in metal armor. Even then, the elf must either be alone, or with a party comprised only of elves or halflings (also not in metal armor), or 90 feet or more away from his party (the group of characters he is with) to gain this bonus. If they fulfil these conditions, they moves so silently that opponents suffer a -4 penalty to their surprise die rolls. If the elf must open a door or screen to attack, this penalty is reduced to -2.
  • Secret doors (those constructed so as to be hard to notice) and concealed doors (those hidden from sight by screens, curtains, or the like) are difficult to hide from elves. Merely passing within 10 feet of a concealed door gives an elven character a one-in-six chance (roll a 1 on 1d6) to notice it. If actively searching for such doors, elven characters have a one-in-three chance (roll a 1 or 2 on 1d6) to find a secret door and a one-in-two chance (roll a 1, 2, or 3 on 1d6) to discover a concealed portal.

Unknown Elf Culture

  • Malakai encountered one of an extinct culture of elves at an undisclosed location. Claims her people were destroyed in the cataclysm 1500 years ago.
  • The Caldonian Elves are suspected to be extinct with the freezing of Caldonia 1500 years ago.

Non-canon Elf culture that appeared in Shenanigans

Dim Elf (Draw)

  • Infravision, 60'
  • Don't have normal elf bonus to bows and swords.
  • Once every two days the elf can cast faerie fire, dancing lights, and dimness as a priest or wizard of the same level. When the character reaches 4th level, they can add, feather fall, hornung's guess, and estimate alignment.
  • Draw suffer no penalty when exposed to bright sunlight or continual light spells, but is compelled to complain about it loudly.