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You can sense a static disturbance in the air, the hairs on the back of your neck begin to stand on end and it snaps you to attention. You know exactly what this is well before it even before it is on you. These are the fearsome electric eel hounds which are as terrifying as you could think. Imagine an electric eel but as big as a medium-sized dog and with legs that will run out of the water and bite you and shock you. (EoA 01)


5e Info[]

  • Armor Class 14?
  • Hit Points ?
  • Speed ? (has swim speed)

5e Traits[]

No Known Traits

5e Actions[]

Bite: If the target of the attack is wearing metal armor, shields, or accessories, the electrical part of the attack is made at advantage. Any creature taking lightning damage must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or be stunned for 1 minute. They may repeat the saving throw at the end of each of their turns. (source


Hunts in packs of around five.


Lives in the water, but goes upon land to capture prey. Preyed upon by Shambing Mounds.


Known HP:

  • Seen having at least 8 to 16 Max HP, but HP could exist outside this range in either direction.

Known Rolls to hit:

  • 14 Hits its AC
  • 9 Misses its AC

Known Rolls for Damage with its Bites

  • Roll to Hit: 23 & 15; Damage: 7 Piecing + 9 Lightning
  • Roll to Hit: 20 & 18; Damage: 4 Piecing + 6 Lightning