Drekis is an old kingdom located in Arcadia. It rose in power as the Vodan Empire fell into decline. After the decline of the Kingdom of Eridon in early 1510, Drekis again tried to expand and gain more power, but their efforts were blocked by their rival, the Kingdom of Mistrya.


It is unknown when exactly Drekis was founded. The founding must have predated the Breaking of Arcadia, as Drekis assisted in the construction of a lighthouse in pre-frozen Caldonia.

Drekis history tells the first settlers in Drekis survived a terrible storm by taking refuge in the mountain Wikk Lamdo. The Royal Family eventually took the surname "Wikk" after the mountain and named their capital city Wikkthronrarenta.

Drekis was split into principalities, with a hereditary Prince or Princess of a family being the lord of the principality. The original families were cousins of the central Wikk Royal Family. The capital of each principality is named after the ruling family. All of the principalities serve under the Monarch.

Drekis came into power after the decline of the Vodan Empire. Drekis annexed the West Vodan plains, which were incorporated as Voldan County. The East Vodan plains, along with Old Vodan were taken by Mistrya. However, Eridon emerged as the premiere power on the continent, and Eridonian was considered the new common language of Arcadia

Drekis enjoyed close relations with the nation of Akuba before the start of The Unforeseen War. The Unforeseen War began with the Akuban forces capturing Tulwikk, attacking the Drekis fleet at Cawksport, assaulting the Iron Ridge, and then moving inland. Drekis eventually drove the invading forces out. Since the Unforeseen War, relations between Akuba and Drekis have been poor. Tulwikk was renamed Outlast as punishment for barely putting up a fight and then collaborating with the Akubans.

War for ArcaidaEdit

In early 1510, the Kingdom of Eridon suffered a Demon Invasion. Stromheim lost control of the surviving towns, and Drekis decided this was the opportunity to expand into an empire across the whole continent. Drekissin forces invaded both Mistrya and Eridon.

In 1510, Drekis was winning their war against Mistrya and had gained some wealth from the ruined towns of Eridon. In 1511, the tide of the war turned when the dragon Scoria entered the war on Mistrya's side and destroyed many of the Drekissin forces.

At the same time, relations with Akuba worsened when the first King of Akuba was assassinated by a Drekissin. Months later, the surviving Royal Family in exile were murdered by a Drekissin Knight. At the time, Akuba was in the middle of a Civil War and has yet to respond.


  • The principalities report to the ruling Monarch of Drekis. The principalities are also referred to as counties, but there are no Counts in Drekis. Each town has a Baron or Baroness who report to the Prince or Princess of the Principality they are in.
  • Bon’ is a prefix meaning "river mouth"
  • Thikle' is a prefix meaning "river start" or "where water comes from",
  • Very loosely, Spring Western hills are home to hill dwarves. Humans moved in and settled with them. Very peaceful human/dwarven relations.
  • Wikk is the name of the Royal family, as well as meaning "Safe Place".

Principality Names Edit

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