Capital: Wikkthronrarenta
Ruler: Queen Vuularia Wikk

  • Drekis is split into 6 Principalities, with a hereditary Prince or Princess of a family being the lord of the County.
  • Each of the country’s counties named their capitals after their family name, with the exception of Outlast. (Outlast was renamed from Tulwikk as punishment cause of an Akuban invasion where Outlast barely put up a fight and then collaborated, before the city was taking back by Drekis.)
  • Bon’ is a prefix meaning River Mouth
  • Thikle' is a prefix meaning River Start or Where Water Comes From, very loosely, Spring Western hills are home to hill dwarves. Humans moved in and settled with them. Very peaceful human/dwarven relations.

Drekis has been involved in various wars over the years.

County Names

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