Scoria and Azoron by Matthew Burger

Both Chromatic and Metallic Dragon appear in Arcadia. Humanity considers the Chromatic Dragons "evil" and the Metallic Dragons "good", due to the way the Dragons treat humanity.

The following list is of encountered or mentioned Dragons from the various campaigns, but this isn't an exhaustive list, and there may be more dragons yet to be discovered.

History[edit | edit source]


Dragons originate from the 1st Prime Material Plane. A small word built to house the first form of life by the Gods. The dragons were created to be perfect beings that would worship and revere the gods for the gifts they were given. Unfortunately for the gods, the Dragons were too great. The Dragons were wise enough to not need the guidance of the gods, strong enough to fend for themselves (even against natural disasters), stubborn enough to resent gods who tried to manipulate them, long lived enough to be patient, and intelligent enough to be totally self sufficient. The gods were not needed, and felt abandoned by their own creations. The gods grew frustrated with the Dragons. This was not the life creating experience the gods were hoping for, so they abandoned the world and moved on. The Dragons barely noticed and continued quite happily.

It is unknown what the Dragons know of the 2nd Prime Material Plane, but it is a world where Dragons cannot fly.

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The first conflict between the people of The World and Dragons occurred during The First Dragon War. The First Dragon War led to the fall of much of the Elven Kingdoms of Solum. The Elves suffered the majority of the casualties in a conflict in which they were eclipsed by the might of Dragons. The elves forged the Dragonbane Weapons during this conflict as a way to drive the Dragons away.

During the Age of Iron, both Chromatic and Metallic Dragons of Solum were hunted down and slain by Army of Voraci General, Lord Morrow.

Chromatic Dragons[edit | edit source]

Black Dragons[edit | edit source]

Black Dragon with Unknown Name[edit | edit source]

Black Dragon that terrorized Bon' May in Drekis. Lived in the Deepwood Swamp. Desmond the Dashing and Lizzy and some others killed it and took the head to the King of Drekis. (FroFro Prequel: Coming of Age)

Nereid Lake Black Dragons[edit | edit source]

3 Young Black Dragons lived around Nereid Lake to the East of Wikkthronrarenta, Drekis. In 1511 2 were slain by the Akuban Knights, and one was slain by Shenanigans.

Blue Dragons[edit | edit source]

Azoron[edit | edit source]

Azoron, a Male Blue Great Wyrm who lives in the Draken Ridge, West of Sylvas. He terrorises the plains to the east of the mountain range. The raiding of the plains caused refugees to flood into Mistrya. The town of Roxsis has a magical anti-dragon tower to keep Azoron away.

  • Reportedly killed a vampire lord 500 years ago.

Sky[edit | edit source]

Younger than Scoria, this female blue dragon also lives in the Draken Ridge. Has been known to fight with Scoria from time to time.

Green Dragons[edit | edit source]

Abraxia[edit | edit source]

Abraxia controls the western side of Paradise Island (GNoME's largest Island). Not much is known about this Male Green Dragon.

Xorathis[edit | edit source]

Xorathis (Wingless Female Ancient Green Dragon) lives in the Overgrowth jungle in Mistrya.

  • Histroy tells that an adventuring group, including the founder of Valara, destroyed the wings of the dragon, but she died in the process. (Seaborn 4:4). At least 1100 years ago (Tombs of Scoria: Episode 07).
  • Folklore also says that Xorathis sometimes works with giants or hunt giants (FroFro 17).

Xoron[edit | edit source]

An offspring of Ancient Green Dragon Xorathis. Xoron is a Young Green Dragon that left their nest and made their lair in a mine south of Shirebrook. For a few weeks it demanded tribute from the town, before being driven away by Georg and Malakai. A year afterwards, Xoron was spotted in the Shelterwood, after the death of their unnamed sibling. Xoron's name however isn't real, and was made up by Kumo and Pearl of the Barbos, who fled from Xoron.

Unnamed Shelterwood Xorathis Offspring[edit | edit source]

An offspring of Ancient Green Dragon Xorathis. This dragon left their nest the same time as Xoron and flew east into Eridon to settle, eventually deciing upon the Shelterwood near Newfort in late 1509. In early 1511 this dragon was slain by Van-Healsing.

Unnamed Lost Coast Xorathis Offspring[edit | edit source]

An offspring of Ancient Green Dragon Xorathis. This dragon left their nest the same time as Xoron and flew east into Eridon to settle, eventually deciding upon the Lost Coast near Newfort in late 1509.

Unnamed Ivywood Green Dragon Remains[edit | edit source]

The skeletonal remains of a Green Dragon can be found at the bottom of a lake in the Ivywood south of Redport. Was visited by Silax in 1508 after seeing a vision from the goddess Voraci to go to the lake and collect a Dragon Egg that was also with the skeleton. (DwD 67)

Red Dragons[edit | edit source]

Brimstone[edit | edit source]

Brimstone, the Fire Incarnate, is an Male Red Great Wyrm Dragon that was formerly trapped under a Volcano on Embershore Isle. After escaping in 1509, rules over Gade Isle from 1509-07-12 to 1509-10-28 before mysteriously disappearing. Appeared to have stunted growth for its age. See Main Article: Brimstone

Cinder[edit | edit source]

Female Red Dragon trapped stuck in a chamber under an Abandoned Church in Bergshire. Was alive over 1500 years ago and was entrapped at a young age under the church like Brimstone had been. Cinder refuses or is unable to share the identities of those who imprisoned them. Age Class 12.

Scoria[edit | edit source]

The Female Red Great Dragon Scoria rules over the nation of Mistrya though fear. The citizens of the kingdom are forced to pay tribute at the start of every season in exchange for their lives. Attacks Sylvas often, as she feels like they are inside her territory as well and the Elves of Sylvas disagree. Age Class 12. See Main Article: Scoria

Nessy[edit | edit source]

Offspring of Great Dragon Scoria, this young Red Dragon was supporting the Mistrya military in occupying the Free Town of Goldhill. Was later slain by adventures from Shenanigans. (Shenanigans Episode 113).

Unnamed Scoria Offspring[edit | edit source]

Other offspring of Great Dragon Scoria, this young Red Dragon was supporting the Mistrya military in occupying the Free Town of Goldhill, but was located inside the mines of Goldhill and wasn't attacked by adventures from Shenanigans like its sibling Nessy. (Shenanigans Episode 113).

White Dragons[edit | edit source]

Frostbite[edit | edit source]

White Great Wyrm Dragon who lived in Caldonia.

Gale[edit | edit source]

Has the nickname of "Snowflake" by the players. White Dragon who lives in Caldonia.

  • Body is 50 feet long, tail is another 40 feet.

Sleet[edit | edit source]

White Dragon who lives in Caldonia. (Met by Misscliks: Seaborn twice and a three times by Frozen Frontier).

  • Body is 30 feet, tail is another 20 feet.

Squall[edit | edit source]

White Dragon who lives in Caldonia.

  • Body is 50 feet long, tail is another 40 feet.

Brown Dragons[edit | edit source]

Unknown Brown Dragon[edit | edit source]

According to Aldric, there is a the Brown Dragon inside Akuban territory. (HcH 30)

Yellow Dragons[edit | edit source]

Unknown Yellow Dragon[edit | edit source]

According to Aldric, there is a Yellow Dragon to the north of Akuba. (HcH 30)

Metallic Dragons[edit | edit source]

Brass Dragon[edit | edit source]

Urion[edit | edit source]

Urion aka Sky [F] - Brass Dragon in Hourglass Desert, rumored to be killed by Brimstone in 1509 (Seaborn 4:1) but Zweihard met her alive and well in 1510 (DwD 140). Appears to have been consumed by the Demon Colony spreading from Heatstroke by mid 1511. (HcH 50.)

Tacky[edit | edit source]

Tacky - Young Brass Dragon [M] - Body is 10 foot long, tail is another 10 feet long. Is said to be non-hostile and lives in Deepwood Swamp, taking the place of the black dragon that Desmond and Lizzy killed. Platonic friends with Shedy the Shedu who he lives with.

Bronze Dragons[edit | edit source]

Balurion[edit | edit source]

Balurion [F] - A mysterious brass dragon lives at the north end of the Draken Ridge. She was a friend with Mohamda and Falstaff, founders of 2 major noble families in Akuba. Loves stories and gossip. Fights with Azoron for the past 500 years over the Draken Ridge. (HcH 47)

Copper Dragons[edit | edit source]

There are no known Copper Dragons in Arcadia. However, there is a bar named "The Copper Dragon" in Highcastle.

Records found in a library in Bergshire, state that Copper Dragons were seen nearby within the last 1000 years. (Shenanigans 165)

Gold Dragons[edit | edit source]

Nixiem[edit | edit source]

Nixiem [F] - Gold Dragon that advises the royal family of Eridon. Lives in an underwater castle in Stormscale Lake, north of Stromheim. Fled the area when the Undead Army laid siege to Stromheim.

Silver Dragons[edit | edit source]

Young Silver Dragon[edit | edit source]

Mentioned in Frozen Frontier Episode 17.

Other Dragons[edit | edit source]

Mist Dragons[edit | edit source]

Hydroxis[edit | edit source]

Female Mist Dragon that lived near Hillsborough, Eridon. Lived under the Misty Valley island in an underwater cave. Returned to the First Material Plane in 1511 (HcH 50).

Shadow Dragons[edit | edit source]

The Shadow Dragon[edit | edit source]

Name is unknown. The Shadow Dragon lives in the Shadow Mountains. The Shadow Mountains rose up 1500 years ago during the Breaking of Arcadia. Appears allied with the Demons.

Verdigris Dragon[edit | edit source]

The Verdigris Dragon[edit | edit source]

Spotted near Bergshire once long ago, when the land was being used as a dragon mating ground. The scales of this dragon were the color of oxidized copper. The race is unknown, it is speculated that it could have been a mixed-race dragon or could be suffering from a sickness causing the discoloration. (Shenanigans 165)

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