"Ah, you are talking about the old legends. The legends of the Dragonsbane" - Riker, Wizard and Rare Item Collector

The Dragonsbane Weapons are a quartet of legendary weapons that were forged magically by the Elves in the eleventh hour of The First Dragon War. The weapons consist of the sword Harbinger, the spear Blood Singer, the hammer Kralfort, and the bow Whirlwind. Each weapon possesses a unique, sentient personality and have been known to communicate telepathically with those who come in contact with them if the weapon so chooses. They had been lost to the world and all but forgotten, although, with the help of various people, the party has recovered all the weapons.

Ages later, at the at the start of the Vale War in Solum, all four weapons were recovered by a band of "heroes" in Rollplay Legacy. The wood nymph Lily, protector of Whirlwind, cautioned the heroes that while the weapons possess great power, they can corrupt their users.

Not long after all four weapons were found, three of them ended up within the hands of Voraci Empire, with the fourth weapon Whirlwind within the possession of the red dragon Fog.

Some time later, still during the Vale War, the Dragonsbane Weapon were stolen from Voraci grasp by Lord Morrow and used to systematically eliminate all the metallic dragons allied to the Longborn Kingdom and the chromatic dragons of Voraci. After this Lord Morrow was said to have gone mad and simply disappeared, along with all 4 weapons.

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