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Ah, you are talking about the old legends. The legends of the Dragonsbane

The Dragonsbane Weapons are a quartet of legendary weapons that were created at the behest of the Elves of I' Yaara Oryn by people unknown in the eleventh hour of The Last Dragon War. The weapons consist of the sword Harbinger, the spear Blood Singer, the hammer Kralfort, and the bow Whirlwind. Each weapon possesses a unique, sentient personality and have been known to communicate telepathically with those who come in contact with them if the weapon so chooses. If damaged, the weapons will repair themselves over time.



The timepool of the creation of the Dragonbane Weapons:

You find yourself viewing an open clearing, in which there is a carefully made pool of water ringed by some sort of carved worked stone. It actually looks more like this stone ring has been created here and a pool of water filled inside of it. The pool is maybe 10 feet across, maybe 15 feet across. On edge, the way around the pool you can see elves, there must be about 15 of them scattered around in this circle.
As the water within the stone-lined pool ripples you can see bobbing to the surface and then lowering themselves again are the severed rotting heads of ten dragons; a silver, a brown, a green, a red, a white, a gold, a brass, a black, a bronze, and a copper.
One elf steps out and walks across the water, holding in their arms a bow, a hammer, a spear, and a sword. They dips them into the water one at a time. The weapons go down until only their hafts are out and then seem to hold themselves in place, even though the spear you know only dips a few inches, the sword dips maybe three feet, the hammer dips maybe five inches, the bow just rests gently on the surface; clearly held up by some form of magic.
The ring of elves turn their heads towards the sky, raising their hands, as thunder cracks and lightning splashes across it. The water begins to bubble as snow falls, and as a sort of noxious gas rolls in. You see sort of conflicting elemental effects happening, like clearly the water is boiling and yet snow is falling on it and sort of creating ice which then melts away in some places and reforms in others. It is a tumultuous mess.
Lightning continues to rain from the sky, eventually striking one of the people on the sides who pitches forward into the pool of water. Some of the other elves on the edges back up, breaking their chanting and begin to flee as it's clear that whatever is happening here is also causing harm to them. That is when the dragon heads that were very clearly dead before spring to life from the pool, each one of them reaching out and snapping at one of the elves on the circling ring, dragging them back in, a few managed to escape.
The one who's walking on the water continues the incantations as the weapons slip beneath the waves. Then that elf themself drops beneath the waves. The dragon heads lower underneath the circling pool, and after a moment or two the one elf emerges as if walking on a staircase on the edge of the pool carrying in their arms the four dragon weapons.


In the year 1501 Age of Iron, at the at the start of the Vale War in Solum, all four weapons were recovered by a band of adventurers in Rollplay: Legacy. The wood nymph Lily, protector of Whirlwind, cautioned the heroes that while the weapons possess great power, they can corrupt their users.

Not long after all four weapons were found, three of them ended up within the hands of the Army of Voraci, with the fourth weapon Whirlwind within the possession of the red dragon Fog.

The Army of Voraci obtain the Dragonbane Bow from Fog and give them to Lord Gilroy to use against Dragons who are not loyal to the army.

In 1512, 3 brothers of the McGary family travel to Solum and take the four Dragonbane Weapons from Lord Gilroy. The weapons are used against chromatic dragons in Arcadia.


In May 1513 the Dragonbane Weapons were given up to the Golden Dragon Shine to be destroyed. Shine gave the weapons to the Elderly Elf, Luna to safeguard with the hopes of learning how to destroy them for good.

A decade later Arcadia entered a war against the Army of Voraci. It is estimated it us during this time the weapons fell back into the hands of the Army of Voraci.

Voraci General Lord Morrow. Lord Morrow, one of the Great Four Voraci Generals, was given custody of the weapons to use against disloyal dragons, like Lord Gilroy had before him. In 1558,[1] after a long time using the weapons influence gets the better of Lord Morrow and he uses the weapons on all Dragons, even those loyal to the army of Voraci. The result is the abandonment of all dragons from Solum. Rumors and sightings of Lord Morrow with the weapons are as late as 1570.

Blood Singer[]

This Dragonsbane Weapon was suspected to have helped rule the Stormtide for generations; speaking to and advising the King from its hidden place in the throne.

It is the only Dragonsbane weapon that does not need to be touched directly in order to be heard.


  • Acts as a +3 spear and deals 2 additional damage dice to dragons.
  • For die rolls of 16–20, clearing the target AC by at least 5 is a critical hit, instead of 18–20.
  • Is imbued with a magical spirit that communicates psychically with its wielder. The spirit's personality is said to reflect that of its user.  It seems a bit more condescending, as it only allowed itself to be removed from the throne if the wielder was deemed worthy. Vincent Longborn was barely able to persuade it.
  • It can sense the other dragon-slaying weapons, but not dragons in general like Kralfort .
  • When slaying dragons it vibrates so fast it creates a sound comparable to singing.
  • Is immune to dragon breath.


I bring death to dragons around me. I quell the fear of their enemies and I can speak directly with them. We together are the doom to all dragons.


Tales speak of its might against dragons. It was last seen over 500 years ago near Atryllia with its previous wielder, Mori.[2]

The artifact was recovered from the depths of Black Mist Lake where it was pinned under the Mist Dragon.[3]


  • Strikes with a +3 bonus to accuracy and damage.  It deals 2 additional damage dice against dragons
  • Cancels dragon fear in a 50' radius
  • Enables its wielder to speak Draconic (language of dragons and dragonkin).
  • Is imbued with a magical spirit that communicates psychically with its wielder. The spirit's personality is said to reflect that of its user. It seems less talkative and more subdued than the other dragonsbane weapons.  It recognized Vincent's sorrow when picked up after Bregor's demise.
    • Harbinger began speaking with some of the mannerisms of Vincent, ending sentences colloquially with "friend".[4]
  • Is immune to dragon breath.


A legendary warhammer. It's was stored the crypts of Ember Stone on a pedestal protected by flesh golems.[5]


  • Deals 2 additional damage dice to dragons for a total of 3d4.
  • Is imbued with a magical spirit that communicates psychically with its wielder. The spirit's personality is said to reflect that of its user.  It is quite single minded in its desire to kill dragons.
    • It convinced Azril to worship it.[6]
    • It began to adopt Azril's sense of humor, as they played a prank on an errand boy in a bathroom.[4]
  • It can sense:
    • the other dragon-slaying weapons in a wider radius than the other dragonsbane weapons
    • the presence of dragons, 1 additional mile radius per level of the wielder
    • invisible entities in 50' radius
    • good or evil in 10' radius
    • hidden traps and doors or shifting rooms in 10' radius
  • It speaks common, Dwarven, and Elven in addition to reading its wielder's mind.
  • Is immune to dragon breath.


The legendary bow of Dragonsbane. Given to the wood nymphs in Black Bark Forest by the royalty of Altharas generations ago for safe keeping, the bow had been within the forest ever since.


  • Fires with a +3 bonus to accuracy and damage.  It deals 2 additional damage dice against dragons
  • Rumored that it can force dragons to land when hit. 
  • Is imbued with a magical spirit that communicates psychically with its wielder. The spirit's personality is said to reflect that of its user.
  • Is immune to dragon breath weapons.