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Winter's Reach by Thomas George Newman

NPCs from Dicing with Death: Malcifier

Winter's Reach[]


  • Tavern Owner
  • Human Male
  • Has Mark of Servitude


  • Human Female
  • Head Ratcatcher in Winter's Reach
  • Has 2 Underlings

The Butcher by Squary

The Butcher[]

  • The Butcher in town
  • Human Male
  • 6'2" 230 lbs
  • 15 Strength
  • Annoyed about the new rules about gathering and butchering meat.
  • Has Mark of Servitude



  • Sheriff
  • Human Male
  • In the fight with Kel William Courville, accidentally killed Little Jimmy with a crossbow.
  • Captured by Pinespur troops and is being held in the dungeons
  • Has Mark of Servitude


  • Huntsman
  • Human Male
  • Tracked down the bandit camp.
  • Has 2 hunting dogs who don't like Malcifer Winter.
  • Has Mark of Servitude
  • Executed Episode 161

Jason the Blacksmith by Squary


  • Blacksmith
  • 8 HP
  • Human Male
  • Lost hand because of Kel William Courville
  • Has a new zombie hand by Malcifer Winter using the Necrograft spell.
  • Has Mark of Servitude

(Big) Jimmy[]

  • Tailor
  • Human Male
  • Wife Janet & son Little Jimmy were killed by Kel William Courville, but they were brought back as zombies.
  • Has Mark of Servitude


  • Carpenter
  • Human Male
  • Witnessed Malcifer Winter attack Edgar, but kept mouth shut.
  • Has Mark of Servitude


  • Forager & "Druid"
  • Totally not a witch
  • Human Female
  • Helped Malcifer Winter with his zombie preparations of Janet & Jimmy. Harvested some rosemary to hide the smell of the zombies.
  • Has Mark of Servitude (off-screen)
  • 7 HP

Bones Family[]

  • The 4 members of the Bones Family run the Bones Family Farm.

Farmer Maggot[]

  • Farmer who had a black horse.
  • Has Mark of Servitude

Winter Estate[]

"Lord" Rosegrove[]

Lord Rosegrove by Squary

  • Groundskeeper
  • Human Male
  • Has Mark of Allegiance
  • History with family makes him aware of past necromancy activity.
  • Ancestors were likely nobility.
  • In his 50s.
  • 6 HP


  • Housekeeper/cook
  • Human Male
  • Has Mark of Servitude


  • Villager in debt with Malcifer Winter.
  • Chicken Thief.
  • Human Female
  • Told to report to Lord Rosegrove for duties. Tried to flee, but was forced to return by the Sheriff.
  • Has Mark of Servitude


Kel William Courville[]

  • Eridonian Knight.
  • Human Male
  • Attacked Jason the Blacksmith while drunk.
  • Killed Little Jimmy, Janet & Ruby.
  • A family that Eridon had promoted in rank after Conquest of the Kingdom of Gadia and given lands.
  • Emissary Grace & Squire Sam came to the village and then went home to report Kel William Courville's death.

Serena Courville[]

  • Lorded over Courville village for a short period
  • Responded and delegated with Malcifer Winter and his undead horde

Lorwin Family[]



Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma

  • Level 5 Battle Cleric of Astair
  • Human Male
  • Wears Chainmail. Uses a warhammer.
  • Many battle scars that have healed.
  • Blessing List


  • Prostitute from Pinespur who came into town by mistake
  • Human Female



  • Assistant Sheriff
  • Human Male
  • Died in the Necromancer Playtest, but is alive again in Dicing with Death.

Kel Jason Osborn[]

  • Local Lord of Jacksonville
  • Human Male
  • Around 6 foot tall

Captain Keenan Hunt[]

  • Captain of Kel Jason Osborn's guard.
  • Human Male

Zauzad The Corpsemaker[]

See Main Article: Zauzad The Corpsemaker
  • Jacksonville Undertaker
  • Human Male
  • Secret Necromancer.