The evil red dragon Scoria has been bleeding Mistrya for generations. As the war for Arcadia rages, the village of La'Triene in the Lakonish Highlands has sent out their only cleric, along with two woodsmen and a thug, to raid the ruined nearby Eridonian countryside. Normally good men forced into Desperate Measures might have to do some pretty terrible things in the name of self preservation.


Neal Pass Erickson: Dungeon Master
Tom (Azurewind) - Callum, Vaughn
Connar Krob (QuantumMech) - Jebediah
Lucas Nuzzo (MrMouton) - Ebnur
Will (Willb) - Joka


Desperate Measures Text
Character Creation 11th August, 2019 Youtube20px Twitch20px Reddit20px
Character Creation
01: Trial by Fire 8th September, 2019 Youtube20px Twitch20px
A desperate Mistryan village needs coin to survive tax season from the Red Dragon's Minions. Their only chance is to raid Eridon for wealth.
02: Bogs and Bayous 15th September, 2019 Youtube20px Twitch20px
Cast · Neal Pass Erickson · Connar · Tom · Will
The party investigate a report of a mysterious cabin in the bog to the south.
03: Wherever the Wind Blows 22nd September, 2019 Youtube20px Twitch20px
While travling along the the road, the party spot the aftermath of a Kobold attack and go follow the tracks.
04: Minotaur Maze 12th October, 2019 Youtube20px Twitch20px Reddit20px
The party head into a Minotaur's Maze to kill it and collect its wealth.
Episode 5 12th October, 2019 Twitch20px Reddit20px
The party help some refugees find a new home.
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