The names of the demons are invented for this article. Some names have been given by Neal Pass Erickson, but they are thier roles and not species names. The Demon's true species names are are unknown as of yet. Article on the Demon Invasion.

What we call the "Demons of the Plane of Shadows" are beings from the 2nd Prime Material Plane.

The 2nd Prime Material Plane was created to be imperfect so the creatures there would need the gods in their daily lives. These creatures of weak will and great desire proved nightmarish and chaotic. They switched gods too quickly and were almost entirely dependent upon the gods for survival.

In the end, the gods got tired of micromanaging these lowly, pathetic creatures and abandoned their world, leaving them all to die.

But they didn’t die. Over the millennia they’ve twisted themselves into beings of hate and spite. They’ve changed their physical form, and unlocked the secrets of the universe through powerful magics. They become what are know known as "Demons".

The god Malkis was in the Plane of Shadows for many months, and is rumored to have been aiding the "Demons" in travelling from the 2nd Prime Material Plane to the Plane of Shadows.

After the portal was left open by Georg and Malakai, a number of demons managed to enter the 3rd Prime Material Plane and slaughter many people in Eridon before regrouping at Heatstroke. A "pestilence" has been radiating from Heatstroke in the time since, growing worse and worse, turning the ground from dirt into a fleshy substance. It is unknown what the goal of this terraforming is.

Task Master Class Demon


Task Master Demon by Matthew Burger

9 foot tall, but due to their posture, stand at 7 foot. Large Creature.

Large scaly humanoids covered in small spikes. From its back sprout these large spiked bony bat wings, but with no membrane between them.

They've got a pair of long curved bony plates that extend from the ridges of their eyes up and out. From their small palms extend three elongated and slightly webbed claws slightly sticking out. Their legs are kind of canine, with that weird back and forward thinker like a dog's back legs, but its feet are broad and short and covered in talons.

It carries a curved sword of obsidian and a whip. Seem to have +15 to hit using their sword. While they are in the Prime Material Plane, they do not appear to have this high of a hit bonus.

It can let out a tremendous roar that deals minor damage(9, 3d6?), stuns for 2 rounds and deafens for 4 if you fail a saving throw vs breath weapon

Warrior Class Demon

Warrior class

Warrior Demon by Matthew Burger

These demons have 2 known forms. Their shape change takes their full action.

Physical Form Six-foot-three like 260 pound heavyset demon warrior. Vaguely humanoid, no wings, no horns. Medium Creature. Their body is covered in small spikes everywhere with big bulging muscles and large claws. Bright yellow eyes. Has a 2 foot long Forked Tongue.

They have blackish iridescent plates coming out of all their joints. Their chest has these blue interlocking plates between them.

It carries a curved sword of obsidian as well as obsidian shields. Seem to have +12 to hit using this sword (but there could be unknown factors to boost it this high). While they are in the Prime Material Plane, they do not appear to have this high of a hit bonus.

Has a level of fire resistance. Less than 72 HP. Strength 15.

In their home realm against people from the Prime Material Plane, they have AC 36 (2e).

While in the Prime Material Plane, they have AC 17 (5e).


Warrior Demon in Mist Form by Matthew Burger

Mist Form Humanoid black misty form. Able to enter a humanoid's body. People who are possessed feel no hunger. The Demon seems to have no control on their victim while the possession takes place. Their purpose in doing this is unknown.

Gorgon Class Demon


Gorgon from the 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual

A monstrous black bull with hides of thick blue metal scales and big nasty horns.

Their breath is a noxious vapor that billows forth in great puffs from their wide, bull nostrils. Gorgons walk on two hooves, when necessary, but usually assume a four-hoofed stance.

Despite their great size, they can move through even heavy forests with incredible speed, for they simply trample bushes and splinter smaller trees.


Toadie Demon by Squary

Toadie Class Demon

These demons are crimson coloured, about 2 1/2 feet tall, tiny hulking little masses of rolling flesh, maybe 35-40 lbs.

They have horns, thick arms and unusable deformed small wings protruding from their backs.

They attack by launching themselves onto their prey and holding on to them, slowing their movement.

While in the Prime Material Plane, they have AC 11 or less.

Has a level of fire resistance.

Thung: Dog Class Demon

Hairless and skinless emaciated dog-like creatures. They have discoloured bony plates that protrude from their joints. Their jaws are hanging unhinged. They have a row of spikes that run down it's spine to it's tail.

Zweihard Blacksteel saw them extend tendrils from their mouths, but other encounters after this, the Thung did not have this ability.

Movement speed 18. 14 or less HP.

In their home realm against people from the Prime Material Plane, they have AC 22.

While in the Prime Material Plane, they have AC ??.

Has a level of fire resistance.


6'5" 100 lbs. Hardened chitin shell black exoskeleton. It's joins have sharp protruding plates. A single eye its in the middle of it's forehead with no other facial features. Each hand and each foot contains an eye as well. The abdomen opens up into a tall thin mouth filled with sharp teeth, with an elongating opening jaw.

"Is about 50% Leg"

Can levitate, at least 10 feet, above ground.

Movement speed 14. Less than 26 HP.

In their home realm against people from the Prime Material Plane, they have AC 22.


Tall heavy vulture-human creatures.They have long arms, legs, and wings, and their bodies are covered with small gray feathers. They have the head of a vulture.