The names of the demons are invented for this article as names of the type of demons are unknown as of yet. Article on the Demon Invasion.

What we call the "Demons of the Plane of Shadows" are beings from the 2nd Prime Material Plane.

The 2nd Prime Material Plane was created to be imperfect so the creatures there would need the gods in their daily lives. These creatures of weak will and great desire proved nightmarish and chaotic. They switched gods too quickly and were almost entirely dependent upon the gods for survival.

In the end, the gods got tired of micromanaging these lowly, pathetic creatures and abandoned their world, leaving them all to die.

But they didn’t die. Over the millennia they’ve twisted themselves into beings of hate and spite. They’ve changed their physical form, and unlocked the secrets of the universe through powerful magics. They become what are know known as "Demons".

The god Malkis was in the Plane of Shadows for many months, and is rumored to have been aiding the "Demons" in travelling from the 2nd Prime Material Plane to the Plane of Shadows.

After the portal was left open by Georg and Malakai, a number of demons managed to enter the 3rd Prime Material Plane and slaughter many people in Eridon before regrouping at Heatstroke. A "pestilence" has been radiating from Heatstroke in the time since, growing worse and worse, turning the ground from dirt into a fleshy substance. It is unknown what the goal of this terraforming is.

Goliath Class Demon


Goliath Class by Matthew Burger

Large scaly humanoids covered in small spikes, that are maybe like seven feet tall probably close to like eight or nine feet, but they're posture is hunched over.

They've got a pair of long curved bony plates that extend from the ridges of your eyes kind of up and out.

From their small palms extend three elongated and slightly webbed claws just kind of sticking out, like that their legs are kind of canine, with that weird back and forward thinker like a dog's back legs, but its feet are broad and short and covered in talons.

From its back sprout these large spiked bony bat wings, but maybe the membrane on them is already been burned off or maybe it never had them, but it's got this big like Kerrigan style wings coming off its back.

Grunt Class Demon


Grunt in Misty Form by Matthew Burger

These demons have 2 known forms. Their shape change takes their full action.

Physical Form Six-foot-three like 260 pound heavyset demon warrior with the big armor plates across his belly that are yellowish but they're kind of small and beady covered in small spikes everywhere with big bulging muscles and large claws. Bright yellow eyes.

Has a level of fire resistance.

Misty Form Humanoid black misty form. Able to enter a humanoid's body. People who are possessed feel no hunger. The Demon seems to have no control on their victim while the possession takes place. Their purpose in doing this is unknown.

Gorgon Class Demon


Gorgon from the 2nd Edtion Monster Manual

A monstrous black bull with hides of thick blue metal scales and big nasty horns.

Their breath is a noxious vapor that billows forth in great puffs from their wide, bull nostrils. Gorgons walk on two hooves, when necessary, but usually assume a four-hoofed stance.

Despite their great size, they can move through even heavy forests with incredible speed, for they simply trample bushes and splinter smaller trees.

Toadie Class Demon

These demons are about 2 1/2 feet tall, are heavyset and naked with a bulbous look to them. They have horns, thick arms and unusable small wings protruding from their backs. They attack by launching themselves onto their prey and holding on to them, slowing their movement.

Dog Class Demon

Looks like a skinless dog. Has tendrils coming from it's mouth. Large claws.