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"You use the word "demons" for anything you don't understand. The way you speak it there are thousands of sources of demons. I have no idea which ones you speak." - Cinder (Shenanigans: Episode 165)
Note: The Custom Demons Species native to 2nd Material Plane are not the same as those from The Pit (Proto Plane)


The 2nd Material Plane was created to be imperfect so the creatures there would need the gods in their daily lives. These creatures of weak will and great desire proved nightmarish and chaotic. They switched gods too quickly and were almost entirely dependent upon the gods for survival.

In the end, the gods got tired of micromanaging these lowly, pathetic creatures and abandoned their world, leaving them all to die.

But they didn't die. Over the millennia they've twisted themselves into beings of hate and spite. They've changed their physical form, and unlocked the secrets of the universe through powerful magics. They become what are know known as "Demons". The name of their world is lost, and only known as the "Demon Homeworld" or the "2nd Material Plane" (2MP).

These demons are a different ilk and species to those native to the Pit.

Modern History[]

The God, Malkis, may be involved with the "Demons" traveling from the 2nd Material Plane to the Plane of Shadows, but his involvement is currently unknown.

After the Portal to the Shadow Plane was left open by Georg and Malakai, a number of demons managed to enter the The World aka "the 3rd Material Plane" (3MP) and slaughter many people in Eridon before regrouping at Heatstroke. A "pestilence" has been radiating from Heatstroke in the time since, known as a Demon Colony made of taken Flesh and Souls, growing outwards, covering turning the a fleshy substance. It is unknown what the goal of this "Demon Colony" is.

See Article on the Demon Invasion.

Demons have long been envious of the 3rd Material Plane and its connection to the gods, and presumably wish it for themselves.

Known Demon Types[]

Gnat Form[]

Tiny gnat sized creatures. They are the start and the end of a demon lifespan. The gnats will eat one another to grow in size and become large enough to become one of the other types of demon.

When a demon, no matter how powerful, dies on the Demon Homeworld (2MP), they will dissipate into a cloud of these gnats. This transformation is delayed if the dead body is in contact with a living body at the time.

Demons who die in Arcadia (3MP) will leave bodies behind and not turn back into Gnats.

"Gnat Form" is not the official name for this state.


Overseer Demon

Overseer by Lichbrush

A giant tripod demon approximately 25 feet tall.

A scaly body supported by three legs (2 in front, 1 in back) that extend 25 ft and have a joint halfway down. Each leg is covered with a thick rock like armor, although the body only has minor scales. A large eye sits in the front of the face, with slightly smaller ones on the back left and back right sides.

The overseer's voice is like an echoing fog horn. Loud, rhythmic and tonal. It has an innate 'Lance of Disruption' ability, the Overseer uses this ability as if it were a level 10 caster.


Commander Demon

Commander Demon by Lichbrush

For main article, see Commander Demon.

6'6" / 180 lb. Humanoid. Tall and Slender with Blueish-Purple Skin. High cheekbones and a very long jaw/mouth. Small plates of bone extend upward from joints, protecting them and the flesh above them. Wears darkly dyed cloth of woven hair that drapes in long stretches. These beings have long white hair that extend from the backside of their head. Able to throw fireballs and bellow orders that can be heard over the din of combat.

Task Master[]

Task Master Demon

Task Master Demon by Lichbrush

For main article, see Task Master Demon.

The Task Master is a 9 foot tall, large, scaly, humanoid covered in small spikes. It has large spiked bony bat wings with no wing membrane. Large claws. Carries a curved sword of obsidian and a whip. It can let out a tremendous roar that deals minor damage and stuns their enemies.


Lensman Demon

Lensman by Lichbrush

For main article, see Lensman Demon.

6'5" 100 lbs. Tall and very thin with a hardened, iridescent, black, chitin exoskeleton. Joints have large, sharp, protruding plates. An single eye sits in the middle of the head (no other facial features), on each hand, and on each foot. The abdomen opens into a tall mouth with sharp teeth, with an elongating opening jaw. "Is about 50% Leg". Can levitate, at least 10 feet, above ground.


Warrior Demon

Warrior Demon by Lichbrush

For main article, see Warrior Demon.

6'3" 260 lbs. Humanoid, no wings, no horns. Medium Creature. Covered in small spikes everywhere with big bulging muscles and large claws. Bright yellow eyes. Has a 2 foot long Forked Tongue. They have blackish iridescent plates coming out of all their joints. Their chest has these blue interlocking plates between them. Carries a curved sword of obsidian as well as obsidian shields.


Toadie Demon

Toadie Demon by Lichbrush

For main article, see Toadie Demon.

Crimson colored, small, squat, horned creatures with thick arms, bulbous bellies, and unusably small deformed wings.

They attack by launching themselves onto their prey and holding on to them, slowing their movement.


Hydra Demon

Hydra Demon by Lichbrush

For main article, see Hydra Demon.

Does not resemble the traditional Hydra monster found in Arcadia.

The Hydra Demon is Cobra like, but thicker, with claws/pincers ~6’ down the body. Underside is softer overlapping scales, top side is skinless and fleshy but covered in move-able, discoloured, bony plates. They are curved to fit with the body, and attached only on one side (top). When angered, aggressive, or regulating temperature, the plates fan up and down. About a third of the way down the body, a set of scorpion like pincers covered in chitin plating extend and face forward. An expandable frill stretches between the wide skull and the body for ~2 feet.


Thung Demon

Thung Demon by Lichbrush

For main article, see Thung Demon.

Hairless skinless emaciated dog-like creatures. Discolored, bony plates protrude from joints, and their jaws unhinge. Spikes run down its spine and tail.

Gate Breaker[]

Gate Breaker Demon

Gate Breaker by Lichbrush

Demon Dinosaur. A large quadraped with heavily scaled armor plating on its head in the form of a sweeping frill. Polacanthus meets Triceratops. The scales are made of purple-blue, diamond shaped plates. Breathes out noxious green fumes. This creature seems to resemble or at least inspired by the Gorgon in the 2e MM.

2e Combat Stats - These stats can differ based on which plane of existence they are fighting on. Damage seems to be the same across all planes.


  • HD: 73-85(?)
  • AC: 30(Front) 22(Side)
  • To Hit: +14(?)
    • Rolls:32+2(Charge)
    • 8+x=22 (Koibu said 8+ something equals 22 to hit)
  • Damage: HornRam: 3d12
  • Ability: Noxious Breath Weapon that turns victims to stone. Save vs petrification.

Gate Breaker do not have any fire resistance.

In 1509 a Gate Breaker was mistaken for a Gorgon at the battle for Misty Rapids.


Shrieker Demon

Shrieker by Lichbrush

Short, squat, and column like. Their top splits open in a 3 jawed mouth. No arms. A leg and eye for each jaw on top. Three 10' Tentacles come out from underneath where a beak is.

Able to open mouth 180 degrees and shriek out a loud noise.

Good control for determining differences between planes

  • 14 AC in Shadow Plane
  • 16 AC in 3MP
  • 18 AC in 2MP

2e Combat Stats - These stats can differ based on which plane of existence they are fighting on. Damage seems to be the same across all planes.


  • HD: ~25-30
  • AC: 18
  • Atk: ?
  • Damage:
  • Ability: Scream?
  • Movement: 6


  • HD:
  • AC:
  • Atk:
  • Damage:


Lurker Demon

Lurker by Lichbrush

Five equal limbs extend from a central core of this invertebrate. At the end of each limb is bone spike that can be used as a foot to stand on, a claw to climb with, or a weapon to stab with. The limbs and body are covered in small iridescent black scales. At its core is a three pronged beak. A ring of eyes circles the beak and the back, allowing the lurker to see in all directions.

2e Combat Stats - These stats can differ based on which plane of existence they are fighting on. Damage seems to be the same across all planes.


  • HD: ~33-20
  • AC: 18
  • Atk: +12(Arms). +16(Center).
  • Damage:
    • Arms: 1d8? Rolled damage: 12(doubcrit), 8, 7, 5, 4, 4 19dam out of 5 dice
    • Center: 2dice? Rolled damge: 12damage, 16(crit), 6


  • HD:
  • AC:
  • Atk:
  • Damage:


Craftsman Demon

Craftsman by Lichbrush

Humanoid. Six and a half feet tall, 250 pounds, it doesn't have sharp protruding bony plantes like many demons. It has a cool rocky-fleshy exterior. It has internal illumination like the firewyrm. Its arms are made out of some sort of malleable flesh. One of the Demons has changed one of its arms into the shape of a hammer and the other arm into the shape of a blade. The Demon is pulling something out of a forge and then beating on it with their hammer arm, then shift into the shape of another blade, and with 2 blade arms, lift the object and put it back in the forge.

Tall and muscular, these unarmored demons are unconcerned with battle, instead spending their time creating weapons and armor to aid their faction.

2e Combat Stats - These stats can differ based on which plane of existence they are fighting on. Damage seems to be the same across all planes.


  • HD: 8d8(?) ~36hp x3
  • AC: 14
  • Atk: rolled 4, 5, 19, 15, 26
  • Damage: 2d6+4(3MP)
  • HD:
  • AC:
  • Atk:
  • Damage:


Beholder Demon

Beholder by Lichbrush

Looking like a molten ball of blackened and charred flesh, with a central glowing eye and covered with 10 eyestalks. A wide mouth with small sharp teeth stretches below the large central eye. Each of the eyestalks is in constant motion gazing all around the creature.

Can speak the Demonic Language.

2e Combat Stats - These stats can differ based on which plane of existence they are fighting on. Damage seems to be the same across all planes.


  • HD: ~96(26+17+5+23+21 32Kill)
  • AC: <22
    • 26hits, 32(Crit), 29(nat20 crit)
    • 18 hits vs eye stalk
  • Atk: Bite: rolled 12
  • Spells: Center Eye-Anti-Magic Shell 140yard 90degree arc.
    • Eye Stalk Spells
      • Flesh to Stone
      • Disintegrate
      • Charm Person
      • Fear
      • Slow
      • Cause Serious Wounds
      • Death Ray
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Some spells are seen used in campaigns. Other spells are from 2e MM


  • HD:
  • AC: Eye = 12, Body = 20
  • Atk:
  • Damage:

Fire Wyrm[]

Fire Wyrm - Lichbrush

Fire Wyrm by Lichbrush

80’ long and 5’ across, the Wyrm's body is covered in massive plate like scales that have the texture of rough hewn limestone. When the creature is dormant or moving slowly its dark scales dominate its color pallet. But as the Fire Wyrm begins to get aggressive, it heats up, eventually hot enough to burn those that touch it, and cause the inside to glow orange and red against the dark black bones. This gives the Fire Wyrm a burning embers / burning coals look to it when its in action, and sheds light for 60’. The Fire Wyrm weighs 20,000 lbs.

2e Combat Stats - These stats can differ based on which plane of existence they are fighting on. Damage seems to be the same across all planes.


  • HD: ~225
  • AC: 26
  • Atk: +39
  • Damage: Bite: 2d12
  • Abilties: Fire Breath Weapon
    • 20d10
    • Save vs breath weapon for half
    • 35% chance for breath weapon to recharge
  • Spells: Mostly Diviniation


  • HD:
  • AC:
  • Atk:
  • Damage: Bite: 2d12

Living Wall[]

A fleshy wall of eyes, mouths, arms, legs, tentacles, bones, teeth, scales, chitin, and hair. Can slowly move, but usually stays in place as ordered.

The wall grows and extends. Each 10’ section has its own set of HP, but is not its own creature. Someone fighting a section of flat wall is exposed to 3 attacks: 1 from directly in front, 1 from the left, and 1 from the right. If the left & right grab, the middle succeeds automatically.

Demon Colony[]

Also known as the Ravenous Cannibal. A sarlacc pit that devours and creates demons. From it grows a fleshy creep that expands to cover everything it comes across. Eyes may spawn on the fleshy ground, alerting the Demon Colony to the movement of interlopers.

The Demon Colony consumes other demon types and uses the material to either grow the fleshy-ground it generates, or create new demons loyal to the Colony.

The intellect and power of the Demon Colony is unknown. Able to cast Arcane spells, has cast Chain Lightning at 12th level or greater.

Future Reference Data[]

3rd Material Plane (Arcadia)

Seen Attacks:

  • Horn of Blowing (Task Master)
  • Lance of Disruption (Commander)
  • Throwing a moat of fireball similar to conjure flame that can do 13 damage. Rolled attack 15. Ignores Body Armor AC
Composition Atk. Roll/Roll Comment Result
Van vs Demon 24




Almost a double crit

is a hit

16 hits, just barely






Misty Rapids Guard Got double crit by a demon
Demon 24 highest revealed attack roll

saving throw 14 against spell

Malakai vs Demons Cloudkill

Saves as 5 hit dice creature

7/10 Demons die

Demons Run Rolls 27 Maximum Roll of demons attack