Status: 17th December 2020: On Tombs of Scoria, Koibu announces a Fatal One community member will be running a "spiritual successor" to Fatal One on the Regal Goblins channel. ApolloNik confirms himself to be the host and Dungeon Master and that the show will be called Deadly Dungeon.

This dungeon event will be a massive undertaking by the Regal Goblin Community to form parties, face the dungeons foes and machinations, and ultimately escape the dungeon. Episodes will air live on Fridays at 7:00pm Pacific starting January 22nd and will be hosted by me, ApolloNik! Each week will feature a group of 4 players and their attempt to advance through this brutal 5e experience. Check out the details of the dungeon, how to join, party details, and much more here.

The idea of this game is to have a new team of characters try to get to the end of the Deadly Dungeon alive. The next group can then use the meta information gathered by previous teams to progress further.

Dungeon Master: ApolloNik

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Deadly dungeon2.jpg
Episode 1 22nd January 2021
Cast · ApolloNik
Unknown when show will begin.
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