• Great art and culture, but with a violent undertone. People are likely to push a point home, but afterwards likely to go see dancers and music. Warriors and assassins.
  • One of the crappiest cities in Drekis - Shenanigans 119
  • A deeply depressing place - Shenanigans 134

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler              
  • Captain           
  • Gatekeeper    
  • Sheriff ??? (Elderly Man)
  • Watchmen     

Demographics Edit

Inns Edit

Taverns Edit

  • The Tranquil Sea (Local Bar)
  • Moby Dick's (On the Docks)

Temples Edit

Other Edit

  • "The Tourist District" - a shop that sells souvenirs.
  • Voodoo Doughnut Shop
  • Gnomebody's Business - Tinker Shop

Watersource Edit

  • Wells
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