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Sketch of the Dardens 14th of September, 2022, by Neal Pass Erickson

The Dardens are 3 rings of islands with a giant maelstrom in the middle. There are around 77 main islands and countless smaller ones. Islands have high variability in their form, leading to different motifs, flora, and fauna. Due to warm waters and winds, there is low seasonal variability, and very few tidal effects.

Wind and water always travel in the same direction, clockwise, so there's a clear "with current" vs "against current" in the islands. Wind and water speeds are faster in the center than the mid-ring or outer-ring so the ships you might use in one region aren't suited for the different conditions of a different region. Central ships have big sails so they can just go round and round but outer ships tend to use more oars because wind and water speeds are slow enough you can go against them.

Population is almost entirely human.

Floating barge towns sit out in the middle of the rings, floating round and round without ever making landfall.

Casting magic in public is cause for alarm.

Languages: Dardinean (Common)

Demonym: Dardinean

The Dardens are roughly 1.5 months from Arcadia to the West and 1.5 Months from Solum to the East.

United Islands of the Dardens[]

Dardens Flag
For main article, see United Islands of the Dardens.

United Islands of the Dardens is located in the most populated center ring. Central government is run by The White Prince - a powerful cleric of Astair who rules the island rings with an iron fist. The White Prince has an ultra lawful agenda, including searching for potential clerics among the common and small folk. Clerics of Astair are given positions with the state instead of tending to their local people like in Arcadia, clerics of other deities are outcast. Spellcasters must serve the state, ones with exceptional power are disposed of.

Center ring is protected by trained griffins and spellcasters.

Known Islands[]

Flotsam Island[]

Flotsam Island

Flotsam Island

See Main Article: Flotsam Island

Oak Town Island[]


Oak Town

  • Island south of Sulfer Island. Party sailed past it in ToD 07.
  • Small Island with one dock on the west side
  • Farming Island full of cattle
  • Burned by The Crimson Fists (ToD 32)

Sulfer Island[]

Sulfer island

Sulfer Island

Sulfer Island is an abandoned settlement in the outer ring of Dardens. It was first visited by the party of Tides of Death in ToD 07.

Sulfer Island has been uninhabited since it was overtaken by The White Prince, 80 years ago. Now, it is full of undead called the Oathsworn, that only react to sound.

It was ruled by the Kaiser Family for 300 years prior to the siege. According to the journal found in the keep, Oathsworn were brought in on day 100. The siege lasted 150 days, when the Keiser family proclaimed a surrender and offered all their treasure. The treasure was boarded by The White Prince and he left the survivors to die to the Oathsworn.

Inhabitants of the keep have died of starvation. The Lady Keiser died on day 657, and Lord Keiser turned into a Revenant, haunting the halls of the keep until Nilrem burned his body in 1513.

Pakk, the last of the Kaiser Family, and a village of survivors remain in the forests on the island. Inhabitants gave supplies to The Crimson Fists to help them avenge the island.

Crimson Fists Set up town of ~50 people (August/September) 1514, lead by John Brofi.

The inhabitants, with help of a 2-headed ogre Den & Ted, discovered a hidden treasury of Kaiser Family. (ToD S3).

White Sands[]


White Sands

  • Island, with Port Yumma, between Flotsam and The Deadlands, on the north-eastern side of Dardens.
  • First Visited in Episode 212 of Shenanigans, but then in ToD 09.
  • The Island has no nobility or inquisitor.
  • In the center of the desert is a town Deadwood that used to be run by bandits. The bandits and their leader Spike have been killed by the pirates from then on dubbed The Crimson Fists. (ToD 11)
  • The Crimson Fists hired 34 people to live on the new Sulfer Island (ToD 33)

Angel Island[]

  • Small island that the Kaiser Family visited for vacation.
  • Ruled by Gualala family
  • First visited by Tides of Death in ToD 08
  • Daughter of Lady Gualala killed and robbed by Nilrem for cheating cards in a backwards tavern
You can see the town. Little lights all over the place, the smell of bacon on the wind. A few voices coming out through from the town. It's not particularly large judging by the number of rooftops and chimneys that you can see. The town might have 2,000 people. It's a pretty small town. There's a little pier with a cleared area around it.

Crystal Cove[]

  • Big open ring island between Sulfer and Oak Town, with small island formation whitin.
  • First visited by party of Tides of Death in ToD 08
  • Commonly used by the party to shop for supplies.
  • Merchants informed The Crimson Fists of an Arcadian ship full of Clerics looking for a mage of Nilrem's description. (ToD 39)




  • Island in the north of Dardens
  • First visited by party of Tides of Death in ToD 13
  • Primarily inhabited by dwarfs and other smaller folk
  • A singular mountain range forms a protective area to the southwest
  • Looks peaceful and quaint
  • Most of the salt in the area is gathered here
  • They fly The White Prince's flag

The Deadlands[]

The Deadlands


  • Island in the north of Dardens
  • First seen by party of Tides of Death in ToD 13
  • Rounded island with a big mountainous ring around it
  • Barren and desolate, no birds, people or other creatures, considered a cursed place
  • The island resisted The White Prince's rule
  • The legend is that The White Prince dropped a large mountain on the island
  • People speculate that within the mountain is a lake with another mountain within it
  • According to the Duke of Virex, The White Prince prayed to Astair for days, Astair answered and crushed the rebels of the island, bringing it low.

Krob Strait[]

Krob Strait

Krob Strait

  • Island in the very south of Dardens
  • First seen by party of Tides of Death in ToD 15
  • A pair of islands with a mountain range running down the each, separated by a river
  • Towns and villages are located in the strait between the mountains
  • One part of the island is ruled by goblins, under cheif Dreadness
  • Inquisitor of the island was killed by The Crimson Fists, and his squire kidnapped (ToD 27)

Mon Shaare[]


Mon Shaare

  • Island complex in the very south of Dardens
  • First seen by party of Tides of Death in ToD 19
  • One of the islands was raided by pirates, Countess of Port Jasper financed the repairs
  • The western island is a desolate waste land and it is forbidden to land there. 80-or-so years ago the island was made into a desert wasteland by the White Prince and/or Astair.




  • Island in the east of the outer ring
  • First seen by party of Tides of Death in ToD 22
  • 30 years ago the White Prince's forces aided against a goblin attack from the woods. Since then the town has paid taxes.
  • Revolutionaries on the island were conspiring to resist The White Prince
  • Father Hubert is set to arrive on the island on 14 February
  • As of ToD 23 Captain John Winters is the self styled lord of Jamuba and is acknowledged as such by the citizens of the island.
  • The White Prince claims to overtake the island in year 1515.




  • Island in the north of the outer ring.
  • First seen by party of Tides of Death in ToD 28
  • Safe space from The White Prince according to Kaiser Family
  • Cut off from the rest of the Dardens by The White Prince
  • Main port is Port August, ruled by Baron Krimbald
  • The mountains on the other side of the island (Nightcrawler) are dangerous
  • (Former) Residence of Vincent, Cleric of Ponos
  • The Crimson fists were invited to the mountains: First by Baron Krimbald, then by Lady Lazule. Both trips resulted in memory loss, strange bruises, and chests full of coin (ToD 29)
  • Aquired a drawing of a mountain of strange importance to Mildred Ruby Price.

Port Prince[]

Port Prince

Port Prince

  • Island in the center of Dardens
  • First visited by the party of ToD in ToD 30
  • On the east side of the island is the city, walled of from the rest of the island.
  • In the back, there's an volcano and a lake among the jungle
  • The White Prince's keep is on the island
  • Docking on the island requires legitimate paperwork.

Sulfen Island[]

  • Small island near Port Prince
  • First visited by the party of ToD in ToD 34
  • In the center of the island are great mountains surrounded by a lake
  • Mountain house a monastery in which spellcasters of The White Prince come to reconvene once a year
  • The Crimson Fists and Captain Starbuck burned down the monastery, which caused the mountain to break and slide
  • Place in which The White Prince imprisoned the great dragon Telemaki
  • Telemaki is unintentionally freed by the actions of The Crimson Fists




  • An island in the south-east of the Outer Ring of the Dardens
  • First visited by the party of ToD in ToD 37
  • Covered with a ragged, dry mountain range on the west side with a creek that flows trough 1 town
  • Larger mountain range in the east
  • Filled with villages and farmland in the south
  • The keep in the south is overtaken by The Crimson Fists, the Duke of Virex killed
  • The previous Duke is replaced by his dimwitted son Larry, a puppet ruler controlled by Sora


  • Island of unknown location
  • Houses the keep of The White Prince
  • According to Duke of Virex, the most likely place Fountain of Youth is located (ToD 39)




  • Island in the north of the Outer Ring of the Dardens
  • First visited by the party of ToD in ToD 40
  • Has a strange 'Y' shape, with Mount Solstice in the middle of it
  • Mountain is visible at a great distance
  • Filled with forests and jungles
  • Main port is on the south, surrounded by wall-towers, Port Augustus (not the same as port August on Alba Island)

Rocky Ridge[]

Rocky Ridge

Rocky Ridge

  • Island in the north-east of the Outer Ring of Dardens
  • First visited by the party in ToD 40
  • Covered in lush vegetation but no sign of human life
  • The town visible from the west side is burned to the ground, only the stone chimneys remain

At the river fork, The Crimson Fists discovered remains of a town. The spirits seem to have been worshippers of the Blue Dragon Telemaki.

The town was burned and covered in salt, the residents were executed and put in a mass grave under pillars of Astair, Felumbra, Voraci and Velmontarious.

A brass treasure map was found in the village that pointed to the mountain that housed a burned temple of Telemaki, protected by traps and a Stone Golem, adorned with symbols of Astair.

Hookfin Island[]


Hookfin Island

  • Island in the outer ring, right next to Rocky Ridge.
  • First visited by the party in ToD 41