Dandy Lions are semi-incorporeal humanoid creature that can take many forms. The most often seen is that of a deformed humanoid. In this form it usually wears brown pants and a black shirt, and sometimes additionally a cloak with a hood. Its hair is dark and long, often covering its face. Its smile reaches up to the level of the eyes, showing unnatural teeth. It has elongated fingers and nails. The second form is an undead wolf/dog.

A Dandy Lion was able to impersonate a human and hold full conversations with people for the purposes of luring them in close and let their guard down.

A Dandy Lion can hover freely over the ground making it easy to enter buildings through higher-storey windows. It also appears to be taller the closer it gets to a given person.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Physical strikes (even when augmented with standard magical enchantment) seemed to cause no harm to the body of a Dandy Lion unless they were aimed at the head. Azril's Mace of Light, on the other hand, was effective as long as its magical property was triggered. Dandy Lions were also vulnerable to fire.

A Dandy Lion uses its claws, teeth and tongue against its opponents.

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