Mistryan Capital City CrownholdMap
Ruler King Alex Guilder
Yearly Income /
Populace Traits
Walls Yes Armorer Yes Magic Shop Yes
Gates Horse Breeder Dog Breeder
Sages Library Yes Doctor
Resources Clay, Furs, Arms, Cotton, Glass, Linen, Books, Marble
Road to Thaebin 21 Miles
Road to Foghaven 24 Miles
Road to Highmeadow 28 miles

It's well after dark there are two large lanterns hanging off the front gates of the capital city, which is an impressive wall. Crownhold was home to a million people in its prime and it's got these huge like 35 foot walls that are maybe 20 feet deep, but now that you're looking at them you can see there's been a lot of damage. Some sections have been completely crumbled. There's blackened scorch marks which you assume must be from the dragon, Scoria that has started to rule this land for the past few generations. -Misscliks Devotion: Episode 22 Part 2

As you move through the city streets though you notice the town is kinda empty, like it's a big city with lots of buildings, but the streets are kind of deserted. There is a lot of boarded up buildings. It has this semi abandoned feel to it. Not totally abandoned, but just like you would expect there to be more people considering the size. -Misscliks Devotion: Episode 22 Part 3

"What happned to the town, it's kind of deserted isn't it?" asks Olivia.
"Well that's what happens when a dragon sets up shop and comes by every month to collect money and sacrifices" answers Wanda. -Misscliks Devotion: Episode 22 Part 3


  • Ruler - King Alex Guilder
  • Captain -           
  • Gatekeeper -
  • Sheriff -       
  • Watchmen -   





  • Magic Shops
    • Wanda's Shop of Wonders
    • Quintis' Quandaries


  • General          


  • Royal River
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