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The Crown of Domination was created by the Wizard Appila as a magical crown that allows a person to be controlled against their will. It has a heavy enchantment aura around it. Appila's notes to creating the Crown can be found on the Wizard Airship.

The research says to use the crown, you must put the Crown on the head of the target. While holding the control object, you may issue orders to the target. The target must be an alive medium-sized humanoid to work. The crown is too big for small sized humanoids, and large humanoids are too large for the crown to fit.

The research theoryises the crown can be powered up to be used on more powerful demi-humans with the cost of a Philosophers' Stone (A shard of the "Staff of the World" that has fallen to the world).

The crown is made out of brass and wraps all the way around. Triangles are attached the smaller section below, making the crown appear spiky. Bronze crowns tend to be worn by Barons and Baronesses in Arcadia. (Gnomes, Tomes and Catacombs: Episode 09).

Using the Crown[]

The crown is attuned to an object, like a plain simple literal key, we call this object "The Command Object". Whoever holds "The Command Object" is the "Commander". The crown is then put on the head of the person you want and they become "The Commanded".

As long as The Command Object is held by The Commander, The Commanded will obey all orders, verbal and mental. Orders will not be sent if The Commander has The Command Object in a pocket, it must be touching skin, at least.

The default crown without the Philosophers' Stone, the "The Commanded" will obey orders, but has Free Will one the orders have ended, and may remove the crown.

Identifying the Crown[]

Malakai casts an Identification Spell on the Crown of Domination while suppressing the Philosophers' Stone and got these four properties:

  1. Crown Dominates person using a key and can command.
  2. Key is any object attuned to the process.
  3. Crown must be able to fit onto something to be used.
  4. Creatures will remember what they did afterwards and know they were commanded.

The upgraded crown with the Philosophers' Stone may have more or changed properties.

Testing the upgraded Crown of Domination on a Child to act like a chicken, they had no memory of acting like a chicken afterwards, which contradicts point 4.