Note: Count Vicious's Stats, Class, Age, and Gear are very outdated and shouldn't be taken as cannon. This is especially true due to the change in lore regarding the undead. He has only appeared on screen one time, and that was in a vision, so he was always subject to change.

Description Edit

He is a five-foot, 160ish pound human male and his mid-40s, he's got a kind of a triangular-shaped salt-and-pepper beard, he's got black hair that's slicked back. Shaped eyebrows. He has a chiselled jawline. He's got delicate features that are still somehow very angular and strong. His eyes are not exactly focused, they look like they're looking far off into the distance.

Backstory Edit

The History Books note that Count Vicious's Family was raised to nobility after his ancestor slayed a vampire over 700 years ago in that area, and has ruled Fortune ever since. The current Count James Vicious is the Ninth to have the name. He is Count of Flat County, which contains Fortune, Anvil, Heatstroke, Plainsview, Weatherlight.

Georg discovered in a vision on 1509-05-24 that Count Vicious hypnotised Lady Annabell Redshield with a gaze then turned her into a vampire. Georg told Countess Castillion his discovery.

After the capture of Anvil by Kerak the Vengeful and the Bastards of the Firewood on 1509-02-20, Count Vicious called banners and marched on the town and took it back on 1509-06-30.

The Demon Invasion of Eridon in January 1510 destroyed the Flat County towns of Anvil, Heatstroke, Plainsview. The Demons have remained in Heatstroke. The Demon Invasion also lead to the fall of the Kingdom of Eridon and the town of Fortune are now considered an independent City-State. It is unknown if Count Vicious still controls the town of Weatherlight.

In late 1510, a unknown item of value was stolen from Count Vicious. The Count called his banners, and marched on Meadstead and captured it. The armies of Meadstead were ready to fight, but just before the combat started the Meadstead Army broke rank and fled frantically out of formation. Meadstead had not been part of Count Vicious's territory before this incident.

Languages Edit

  • Common, ?
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