First appeared in Hardcore Heroes: Episode 01.

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  • Corni is a stout, spirited gnome who nearly always has a gigantic smile on his face. He has a small black goatee that matches his unkempt black hair, all framed around his bulbous nose and happy brown eyes. Being young for a gnome, Corni has fair skin, but his hands have been made rough with his laborious brewing work.
  • He wears a tan vest over a ragged white tunic and dark breeches, not caring much about his attire. When out hunting rodents and the like, he'll get into a suit of leather armor and brandish his short bow, which is in fact slightly taller than Corni himself. Corni also carries a short sword on his belt, though he rarely uses it. Finally, Corni is never far from his wineskin, which he has filled with an ale of his own making at all times and which he keeps on his belt everywhere he goes.
  • Very effusive in his happiness, he can often be seen skipping nearly everywhere he goes.
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