Conquest City Map
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Conquest was an ancient city in Caldonia.

The Caldonian Expedition theorise this was the Capital City of the dead nation.

There is the Generalist Temple, as well as Temples specifically to Bellum, Quantarius, Illumis, and Velthara. The Velmontarious temple is the Dungeon of Justice.

The outside of the Keep is ruined, not allowing access to the inside.

The large green park still stands in the city, but it is frozen like so many of the forests in Caldonia.

Within the Dungeons of Velmontarious, the Caldonian Expedition discovered four frozen people, one of which appeared to be a noble of some rank, perhaps even a Princess.

A ghost in the Temple to Bellum Crypts also lead the Caldonian Expedition to a statue to Bellum, where the god himself allegedly tasked the party with removing the Frozen curse that covers Caldonia.


In the Temple to Illumis Crypts were the living dead, including a construct using human bones to resemble an artificial dracolich.