Eridonian Town ConfluenceMap
Ruler Baron Grayfair
Population 2600
Villages 32
Yearly Income 71,552 / 17,888
Populace Traits
Walls No Armorer Magic Shop
Gates None Horse Breeder Dog Breeder
Sages Library Doctor
Resources Furs, Sugar, Gems, Silk
  • Produces great amounts of mead, beer, and spirits


  • Ruler - Baron Grayfair doesn't bother much with the town these days, and lives in his manor a few miles outside town. In his youth he helped the town grow. 60s-70s.              
  • Captain           
  • Gatekeeper    
  • Sheriff - Sheriff Bronson 30-40s. Wears a red shirt with gold and green trim, brown pants and high boots. Uses a cudgel. Moves around town with a single henchmen. Most of the day to day operations go through him. Framed in Assassin Episode 0 in the killing of Ruby.            
  • Watchmen     


Inns & Taverns

  • 2 inns & taverns - The Last Home & The Forester, Unknown Quality



  • The Two Rivers