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The Commander Demon is a monster created by Neal Pass Erickson.

6'6" / 180lb. Humanoid. Tall and Slender with Blueish-Purple Skin. High cheekbones and a very long jaw/mouth. Small plates of bone extend upward from joints, protecting them and the flesh above them. Wears darkly dyed cloth of woven hair that drapes in long stretches. These beings have long white hair that extend from the backside of their head.

Seen to throw small Fireballs from their hands. Able to shout loudly to issue commands in the Demonic Language that are obeyed by other Demons. Able to use it's claws as weapons, but has been seen to hold a spear in its hands.

During a timepool spell, a Commander was observed casting a spell other than their small fireballs, but the exact nature of this spell is unknown. The spell in question caused the Amulet of Malkis to glow.


In the Demon Society, Task Master Demon appear to be the very top of the chain of command, perhaps only beaten by the Beholders or the Overseers. Commanders bellows out orders with its enormous mouth which can be heard over the din of combat.

Commander Demons also appear to have a level of intellect allowing them to investigate & problem solve beyond what the regular demons can do.

There could be rarer and more powerful demons that lead the Commanders, but they have not been seen as of yet.


The 2nd Material Plane appears to lack any ecology except for the demons themselves.

Commanders have never been seen in groups with other Commanders, they have only been seen alone commanding lesser demons.


2e Combat Stats - These stats can differ based on which plane of existence they are fighting on. Damage seems to be the same across all planes.


  • HD: ~57-85
  • AC: (ToS)18->26 w/ wings. (HoBo) Breastplate+Shield = 36AC
    • W/ Weapon+ShieldNoArmor = 20AC
    • W/o Shield = 30AC
    • W/o Armor = 20AC
    • Demon Fighting Style: +4AC
  • Atk: +7(+9)
  • Damage: 1d6 or 1d8
  • Abilities: Ball of Fire: 1d8 up to 10ft
  • Movement: ?
  • Stats: Strength: 9
  • Experience: ?
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: ToS had these demons casting spells and with wings. Hobo had these demons with martial weapons, armor and shields. This also includes a "Demon Fighting Style" that gives +4AC which is mentioned by Koibu as having. Same style the Warrior demon has.


  • HD:
  • AC:
  • Atk:
  • Damage:

Spells seen Casted: Imp Blink, Fireball, Wall of Fire, Silence, Lance of Disruption, Dispel Magic at equivalent to a level 8 caster.

Has no fire resistance.

Is able to see invisible creatures.