This article is about timeline of episodes. For important historical events not shown in episodes, see Calendar of important historical events.

Chronological Order of Episodes Edit

The location of Arcadia and it's shared continuity started with Dicing with Death Episode 58. This timeline uses the Arcadian Calandar.

These events take place towards the end of the Solum's Age of Iron. It is the middle of Voraci rule. The Vale War is in full swing (They've conquered the West, they're moving east.)

The Caldonia Calendar is 524 years ahead of the Arcadia Calendar.


Date Episode Event
1508-10-01 DwD 058 Tyrus Bellows, agent of Voraci, arrives in Redport from Solum.
1508-10-17 DwD 059 Tyrus Bellows poisons the water supply for Lord Jaycob Redwing of Redport.
1508-10-30 DwD 060 Tyrus Bellows is killed by hobgoblins.
1508-10-30 DwD 062 Silax's clan chief drags in the remains of Tyrus Bellows. That night Silax gets a vision from the Goddess Voraci that the Hobgoblins are to prepare for war.
1508-11-08 DwD 063.3 The Firebrand clan raid a distillery. That night Silax gets another vision from the Goddess Voraci.
1508-11-10 DwD 063.4 Voraci disapproves of Silax having burnt the boat.
1508-11-12 DwD 064.1 Silax meets the Sahuagin for first time.
1508-11-22 DwD 064.3 Silax recruits the Sahuagin into the coming war.
1508-11-24 DwD 064.4 Silax recruits the Spiked-foot Hobgoblin clan into the coming war.
1508-11-28 DwD 065 Silax recruits giants into the coming war, after passing their test.
1508-11-30 DwD 066 Silax recovers the Flaming Spine.
1508-12-06 DwD 066 The various armies gather to Silax.
1508-12-07 DwD 067.1 Silax sieges Redport with Giants, Hobgoblins, & Sahuagin.
1508-12-14 DwD 067.4 Silax arrives in Rockwave.
1508-12-20 DwD 068.3 Silax succumbs to spider venom.


Date Episode Event
1509-01-01 DwD 071 Georg arrives in Whiteshore from Solum. Meets Reptar. Ends day in Halfling Village in Highshire.
1509-01-01 HcH 01 The party investigate the Uglyifcation of Lady Twintower.
1509-01-02 DwD 072.1 Georg visits the Goblin Woods.
1509-01-05 DwD 072.3 Georg crosses the Shadow Mountains.
1509-01-07 DwD 072.4 Georg meets Pourvin.
1509-01-15 DwD 073.2 Georg and Reptar reach Shirebrook.
1509-01-16 HcH 02 Croak's sister is about to give birth, so Croak asks Van-Healsing to travel to his hometown to bless the birth.
1509-01-16 DwD 073.3 Georg meets Rohana the Diviner & Sheriff Tyrus Bellows
1509-01-18 DwD 073.3 Georg meets Arc Aldric
1509-01-20 HcH 03 Van-Healsing sent to the village of Burnshire to officiate a funeral.
1509-01-21 DwD 073.4 Georg kills some Bullywugs for some Dwarves.
1509-01-22 DwD 074.1 Georg is shown the portal to the Shadow Realm.
1509-01-23 DwD 074.2 Georg obtains the Amulet of Malkis.
1509-01-20 HcH 03 Healing Scroll is stolen from the high temple in Shirebrook.
1509-01-24 DwD 074.3 Rohana the Diviner reads Georg's mind and thinks he's a Lich, prompting an emergency response from all the nobles.
1509-01-24 HcH 04 Bullywugs attack Shirebrook in retaliation for Georg's actions in DwD 73.4.
1509-01-25 HcH 04 The party leave on a boat for Redport.
1509-01-26 DwD 074.4 Georg arrives in Thornwood for the first time and finds what happened to Reptar.
1509-01-27 DwD 075 Georg assumes the identity as Carl the Engineer & repairs town's siegeing equipment.
1509-01-29 DwD 076 Georg Arrives in Misty Rapids for the first time.
1509-01-27 HcH 05 The party fight for survival on Hobgoblin Island, south of Anvil
1509-01-29 HcH 05 The party arrive in Anvil.
1509-02-01 HcH 06 The party fight the undead in an abandoned temple near Anvil.
1509-02-04 DwD 076.4 Georg becomes Arc Mage of Misty Rapids
1509-02-05 DwD 077 Georg is given his first tasks as the Arc Mage.
1509-02-07 HcH 07 Party arrive in Redport for first time.
1509-02-12 HcH 08 Party arrive in the village of Ratsburg near Redport to take care of a Giant Rat problem.
1509-02-13 DwD 078 Georg joins Kel Greller on patrol for Gnolls, before going out solo to hunt down for some displacer beasts.
1509-02-?? One Shots: Nick & Sean John & Aurelius are tasked by Sheriff Tyrus Bellows to attack some Goblins and uncover a connection with the Bastard of the Firewood, Kerak.
1509-02-16 DwD 079 Georg investigates to find a murderous sorcerer in Thornwood for Arc Ramdall.
1509-02-16 HcH 09.1 Croak & Malakai recon and investigate Boren's shop for later theft. Van gets a quest about missing people on the road to Hillsborough.
1509-02-19 DwD 080.1 Georg continues his investigation into the murderous sorcerer in Thornwood.
1509-02-23 HcH 09.4 Party are ambushed by three huge spiders just outside Hillsborough.
1509-02-22 DwD 080.4 Georg meets Margery and investiates the body of the assassin who attacked him.
1509-02-23 DwD 081 Georg & Kel Greller fight a Gnoll Raid. Later that day Georg investigates an underground temple Lady Dysec is having excavated, but finds a wraith inside.
1509-02-24 HcH 10 Party scout the hills around Hillsborough. Rumor that a tax wagon disappeared too. They hire 3 Dwarves, Redbeard and 2 Brownbeards to accompany them on the mission.
1509-02-25 HcH 11.1 The party, after meeting with Baron of Hillsborough, Lord Wiley Deephill, sets out with 2 knights and 20 watchmen to fight Ogres, who have the missing taxes.
1509-02-28 DwD 082 Georg finds more wraiths like the one he fought before are now attacking neabry villagers. Georg needs to solve the problem... with Mother Ulmmin's help.
1509-02-29 DwD 083 Georg meets a Paladin. It doesn't go well.
1509-03-08 HcH 11.3 The party hire Jeeves. Malakai purchases 2 guard dogs, Wolf and Bear.
1509-03-10 DwD 084 Arc Aldric vists Misty Rapids and accuses Georg of being the lich-guard.
1509-03-13 HcH 12 Croak conducts his heist on Boren in Redport.
1509-03-14 DwD 085 Georg is in Thornwood to investigate Lady Redshield's residence.
1509-03-17 DwD 086.1 Kel Greller stamps down a peasant uprising.
1509-03-21 HcH 13 The party is back in the town of Ratsburg. Van is trying to undo a curse on Little Jimmy.
1509-03-28 DwD 086.2 Kel Greller and Baron Song have caught a thief and Georg has to find out who the inside man is.
1509-04-02 HcH 14 The party is given a quest to save Baroness of Shirebrook's Daughter, Sella, from the Bastards of the Firewood in Anvil.
1509-04-04 Seaborn 1:1 Embershore is hit by a magical storm that causes a lot of damage and ruins all the crops for the village of Valuton.
1509-04-07 DwD 087 A chimera attacks Misty Rapids. Kel Crystal, Kel Greller and Georg head from the keep to defend the town.
1509-04-08 HcH 15 The party arrive in Anvil and seek to infiltrate the ranks of the Bastards of the Firewood in order to save Lady Sella from imprisonment.
1509-04-09 DwD 087.3 Georg receives a love potion in the mail from Kerak, leader of the Bastards of the Firewood.
1509-04-09 Seaborn 1:2 Valuton is raided by Kobolds.
1509-04-14 Seaborn 1:3 The party make a peaceful deal with some Mermaids mysteriously all the way from Gade Isle.
1509-04-15 DwD 088.1 Baron Song uses a love potion on Lady Dysec.
1509-04-15 DwD 113 Mama Beatrix forges an alliance with other Kobold Tribes to retake the Bramblewood from the goblins and bugbears
1509-04-23 DwD 088.3 The Witch of the Wilds, escorted by Georg, arrives at Misty Rapids Keep, invited by Baron Song.
1509-04-27 Seaborn 1:4 Valuton is raided by Kobolds.
1509-04-29 Seaborn 1:5 The party meet Brimstone, The Fire Incarnate. They must obey his will or the whole island will be killed.
1509-05-02 HcH 15 The party return to Shirebrook.
1509-05-06 DwD 089 Georg learns the truth of Baron Song's father's poisoning.
1509-05-10 DwD 113 On the full moon, Mama Beatrix performs the fertility feast ritual.
1509-05-13 Seaborn 2:1 The party feed a merchant to Brimstone.
1509-05-16 Seaborn 2:2 The party find out about some mystery portals that surround the island from the Merfolk.
1509-05-17 Seaborn 2:3 The party visit Zew Nealand and start evacuating the population to Valuton, Embershore.
1509-05-21 DwD 090 Wendlin family party fire, killing dozens of nobles in a village near Rainwood
1509-05-22 Seaborn 2:3 The party visit Cawksport to talk to a sage about the Portals, but her book was stolen.
1509-05-?? One Shots: Fortunes End Bishop and Gunter try to solve the mystery of the city of Fortune.
1509-05-22 DwD 091 Georg, Sheriff Cody & Ranger Stix leave Thornwood and head north to Rainwood to deal with a vampire.
1509-05-24 DwD 092.1 Georg recovers from being charmed by the vampire and investigates the aftermath in Rainwood.
1509-05-27 DwD 092.4 Thornwood. Georg takes credit for killing the vampire.
1509-05-27 Seaborn 2:4 Cawksport. Albert makes contact with "The Family" a Drekissin Crime Syndicate, and find out who stole the book about portals.
1509-05-30 Seaborn 2:4 The Party arrive in the Halfling Riverlands and meet the Book Thief who has already sold the book about portals.
1509-06-01 DwD 093 Georg gets Gnoll Bones, kills the murderous jeweler and gets his bones too.
1509-06-01 Seaborn 2:5 Party arrive in Outlast to find the book about portals and meet Saffron.
1509-06-02 Seaborn 2:5 Ascarians raid Valuton, kill all the female children, make the male children into slaves.
1509-06-04 Seaborn 2:5 Maribel's Marauders raid an Ascarian village in revenge, and to kidnap people to feed Brimstone
1509-06-05 Seaborn 2:6 Ascarians raid Embershore again and are defeated except their leader who escaped.
1509-06-07 DwD 093.4 The Baron of Cauldron, Baron Steamhouse is marching on Misty Rapids with an invasion force.
1509-06-07 Seaborn 2:7 Maribel's Marauders go though a portal from Embershore to Gade Isle.
1509-06-08 DwD 094.1 Preperations are being made for the coming siege. Georg scries on the enemy camp.
1509-06-09 Seaborn 2:8 Maribel's Marauders meet the elderly Baron of Gade Isle in Pinespur.
1509-06-10 Assassin 1 Sara Wilkins is Assassinated in Confluence
1509-06-11 DwD 094.3 Siege of Misty Rapids.
1509-06-11 FroFro 00 Caldonian Expedition sets out
1509-06-15 Seaborn 2:9 Maribel's Maurdors slays a Wyvern on Gade Isle
1509-06-13 DwD 095 Georg and Baron Song conquer Cauldron.
1509-06-15 Seaborn 2:9 Embershore Isle is teleported to the South-East of Gade Isle
1509-06-16 Seaborn 3:1 The party is marooned on Leech Isle to the west of Akuba. They meet Trellis and the sailors from her ship.
1509-06-05 HcH 16 The party are sent by Baroness Valmont to investigate a Dwarf Mining Camp called Stonehill that has gone silent.
1509-06-09 HcH 17 The party hunt for Goblins working for Kerak.
1509-06-18 Seaborn 3:2 The party find a diary from a corpse that says the magical ship Riftdancer is inside a nearby pyramid.
1509-06-20 FroFro 01 Party arrives at Fort Wikk.
1509-06-20 Seaborn 3:3 The party venture into the Pyramid/Tempos Temple for the first time.
1509-06-22 Seaborn 3:4 Party save Albert & Saffron from Lizardfolk Village.
1509-06-23 DwD 095.3 Baron Song travels to Thornwood to explain war.
1509-06-24 HcH 18 The party meet Darf, the survivor of the adventuring party that headed up the Crystal run river into Hidden Valley.
1509-06-24 Seaborn 3:5 The party recover from their fight with the Lizardfolk.
1509-06-25 FroFro 02 The party capture the Gnoll Gnash and interrogate him at Fort Wikk.
1509-06-25 Seaborn 3:6 Trellis convinces Temriel, the skeleton Priest of Tempos to stand down and to help the party. Temriel was alive during the breaking of Arcadia 1500 years ago, but kept going by the power of Tempos.
1509-06-26 Seaborn 3:7 The crew of the Riftdancer arrive in Tal'Ushar
1509-06-27 Assassin 2 Durbin is Assassinated in Highcastle
1509-06-28 DwD 096.2 Georg takes a boat from Shirebrook.
1509-06-29 Seaborn 3:8 The crew of the Riftdancer arrive in Outlast.
1509-06-30 FroFro 03 The party fight a band of Gnolls at night.
1509-07-04 DwD 096.2 Georg arrives in Pernisis.
1509-07-05 FroFro 04 Gnoll Ambush
1509-07-05 Seaborn 3:9 The crew of the Riftdancer is in Shallton, selling a wreckage they found.
1509-07-07 HcH 19 The party steal from Anvil Keep, obtaining the magical weapon, "Harvest Moon".
1509-07-07 FroFro 04 Tomb Raid
1509-07-08 Assassin 3 Lord Reginald Silver is Assassinated in Highcastle
1509-07-12 Seaborn 3:10 Brimstone the Dragon is freed near Gade Isle
1509-07-13 FroFro 05 Kobold Ambush at Fort Wikk
1509-07-16 DwD 096.4 Georg returns to Misty Rapids from Pernisis with Heather.
1509-07-17 HcH 20 Party goes to Stromheim the first time
1509-07-23 HcH 21 The party arrive in Copperhill for the first time and meet Joris.
1509-07-27 FroFro 06 Kobolds hunted down by Caldonian Expedition.
1509-08-05 DwD 097 Georg meets Kassandra the Medusa.
1509-08-08 DwD 098.1 Georg wakes up at Serena's Tower in the Soggy Hills.
1509-08-11 HcH 22 Kain and Mhorin join the party.
1509-08-12 Seaborn 4:01 The crew of Riftdancer leave New Valuton to get back the Coral Sword from Old Valuton.
1509-08-12 DwD 098.2 Georg meets with a mysterious shadowy robed figure in his room in Misty Rapids Keep.
1509-08-13 Assassin 4 Ambassador Zanatos Elderwig is Assassinated outside Cauldron
1509-08-?? FroFro 07 The party get caught in a blizzard and find a frozen human body preserved in strange garb.
1509-08-16 HcH 23 The party fight Goblins in the Goblin Woods.
1509-08-17 DwD 099.1 Georg inspects his holdings north of Thornwood
1509-08-22 Seaborn 4:02 The crew of Riftdancer arrive at Aska Island, north of Akuba to obtain a magic map from a old Tempos temple.
1509-08-23 DwD 099.4 Countess Castillion of Thornwood is assassinated
1509-08-23 Seaborn 4:02 The crew of Riftdancer have visions from Tempos in a temple on Aska Island.
1509-08-24 HcH 24 The party arrive in Newfort to deliver the Writ of Homage for Baroness Valmont.
1509-08-25 HcH 25 Baroness Valmont of Shirebrook is assassinated while party is away in Newfort.
1509-08-27 FroFro 08 Party fight some Yetis at the Yeti Cave. Spot Salt Port Lighthouse.
1509-08-29 HcH 25.3 The party investigates Kain's Village's disappearance before heading back to Shirebrook by the end of the day.
1509-08-30 HcH 26 The party use speak with dead on Baroness Valmont.
1509-08-31 Assassin 5 Paladin Alli Sanguine is Assassinated in Confluence
1509-08-31 HcH 26 The party arrive in Misty Rapids.
1509-09-01 Seaborn 4:03 The crew of Riftdancer arrive in Jaka in Mahtava.
1509-09-03 DwD 105 Georg finishes researching some potions, while avoiding meeting some Hardcore Heroes.
1509-09-04 Seaborn 4:03 The crew of Riftdancer travel though Vistria and arrive outside Zelenia in Mahtava.
1509-09-05 Seaborn 4:04 The crew of Riftdancer visit the Monastery of Velmontarious in Yunta.
1509-09-10 HcH 27 Van-Healsing notices stars in Malkis constellation are missing in the sky just before dawn.
1509-09-08 FroFro 09 Party kill a Polar Bear.
1509-09-10 Seaborn 4:05 Fehana, a monk aspiring to join the Order of Velmontarious, joins the crew of Riftdancer.
1509-09-09 Assassin 6 Fredrich Dropper is Assassinated in Villa north of Highcastle.
1509-09-10 DwD 108.2 Georg obtain's some Mist Dragons dragonscales north of Hillsborough.
1509-09-11 Assassin 6 Olin Furyn is Assassinated on road to Highcastle.
1509-09-12 Seaborn 4:05 The Riftdancer arrives in Caldonia to the East of New Haven.
1509-09-12 Assassin 7 Count Albron Dropped is Assassinated in Highcastle.
1509-09-13 FroFro 09 Party return to Fort Wikk.
1509-09-20 HcH 28 Malakai investigates the Waveskipper, the ship that Venlen had used.
1509-09-19 Seaborn 4:06 The Riftdancer crew fight Sleet the Dragon in Caldonia.
1509-09-24 HcH 29 The Party find the secret lair of the Assassins in the swamp.
1509-09-24 HcH 30.1 The party fights their way though the inside of the Assassins' secret lair.
1509-09-24 Seaborn 4:07 The Riftdancer crew arrive at the Velmontarious Monastery in Caldonia.
1509-09-24 Devotion 01 Kellen take Olivia to meet his parents for the first time.
1509-09-25 HcH 30.3 The party return to Shirebrook to find there is a Refugee crisis.
1509-09-26 Seaborn 4:08 The Riftdancer crew fight Sleet the Dragon in Caldonia for the 2nd time.
1509-09-27 One Shots: Refugees Ithir Arauco, Bruh and Harrow are refugees trying to get into Mistrya.
1509-09-27 Devotion 02 The Party try to get into Mistrya along side a group of refugees.
1509-09-27 FroFro 09 The party arrive at the Salt Port Lighthouse.
1509-09-27 HcH 31 The party contine their investigation into the disappearing villages.
1509-09-28 DwD 108.4 Georg obtain's Kerak library from Anvil Keep.
1509-09-30 Seaborn 4:09 The Riftdancer crew leave Caldonia.
1509-10-02 Seaborn 4:09 The Riftdancer crew stop in Bon' Dundisyr, Drekis to resupply.
1509-10-03 Devotion 03 The band arrive in Evermond hours ahead of their rival band Sucundas.
1509-10-04 Devotion 04 The band arrive in Bridgelight and meet Kel Bel.
1509-10-06 Devotion 05 Lord Lord Permare arrested.
1509-10-08 Devotion 06 The Sucundas backup dancer Lydia is revealed to be enthralling their audiences with magic.
1509-10-10 FroFro 10 Arrive at Salt Mine.
1509-10-10 Seaborn 4:09 The Riftdancer crew spot an adrift ship South-East of Redport.
1509-10-10 Seaborn 4:10 The Riftdancer crew fight many mimics crew spot an adrift ship South-East of Redport.
1509-10-15 Devotion 07 The band arrive at Sky Peak Mine for their concert.
1509-10-15 Seaborn 4:10 The Riftdancer crew returns to New Valuton near Gade Isle.
1509-10-17 FroFro 11 The party defeat a Owlbear.
1509-10-17 Devotion 08 Ghibli arrives in Bridgelight, and asks for Kes & Kellen's help.
1509-10-?? HcH 32
1509-10-19 Seaborn 4:11 The Riftdancer crew help recapture the mermaid castle from the crabmen.
1509-10-20 Devotion 09 The band is asked to recover a magic ring for a old lady who was robbed by bandits from Lake Edrick outside of Bridgelight.
1509-10-21 Devotion 10 Kellen is saved from kidnappers.
1509-10-22 DwD 108.5 Nokin Song the 2nd is born in Misty Rapids Keep.
1509-10-26 FroFro 12 The party arrives at the Salt Port Lighthouse where the boat is waiting for them.
1509-10-?? HcH 33 Arc Aldric is killed by a Troll in his tower.
1509-10-27 Seaborn 4:12 The Riftdancer crew search a shipwreck near New Valuton.
1509-10-28 Seaborn 4:13 Brimstone the Dragon is killed Ice Cap mountain on Gade Isle.
1509-10-29 Devotion 11 The band leave Evermond, Mistrya, by ship.
1509-10-30 FroFro 12 The party return to Fort Wikk.
1509-11-?? HcH 34 The party travel to Rockwave with Tyrus Bellows.
1509-11-?? HcH 35 The party are in the ruined city of Talon and head to the Gryphon Tower there.
1509-11-12 DwD 108.5 Baron Song become Count Song of Thornwood
1509-11-15 FroFro 12 The party attack the Gnoll Camp.
1509-11-15 Seaborn 4:13 The Riftdancer crew give the Orb of Imprisonment to the Monastery of Velmontarious in Yunta, Mahtava. Embershore returns to the Shallow Sea.
1509-11-18 HcH 36 A wizard sets fire to Redport, burning hundreds of civilians.
1509-11-18 Devotion 11 The arrive in Sandashar, Akuba, by ship.
1509-11-18 Devotion 12 Ransom is suffering from a love potion and the party need to find the last ingredient.
1509-11-20 Devotion 13 The party has to fine a cure for Kes under a Pyramid in the Sinduin Forest north of Sandashar.
1509-11-21 Devotion 15 The party hear rumor of some magical strings, so to the Shade Coast on adventure for them.
1509-11-23 DwD 134.1 Zweihard Blacksteel heads out into the Hemdorkas Hills on a Dwarven rite of passage.
1509-11-23 FroFro 13 The party are dropped off at Treasure Town.
1509-11-24 Devotion 16 The party take place in the Grand Singing League (GSL) at the Palace in Sandashar.
1509-11-25 DwD 134.4 The god Sayor commands Zweihard Blacksteel to Forge Me and gives Zweihard some mithril.
1509-11-?? HcH 37
1509-11-25 FroFro 14 The party loot the treasure in Treasure Town.
1509-11-26 DwD 111.1 Georg becomes Baron of Misty Rapids
1509-11-26 Devotion 17 Kes and Ransom leave Sandashar on a ship, heading back to Mistrya.
1509-11-?? FroFro 14 The party return to Fort Wikk.
1509-12-03 Devotion 17 Kes and Ransom find a damaged ship with it's crew asleep.
1509-12-04 HcH 38 Van-Healsing & Kain go to Plane of Shadow. Malakai is made acting Baron of Shirebrook.
1509-12-05 Game On 1 Brother Honeybun and Lumin are on the case to find the Barony Crown of Meadstead.
1509-12-05 DwD 135.2 Zweihard Blacksteel fights 2 Wererats north of Meadstead.
1509-12-09 Game On 2 Brother Honeybun and Lumin are joined with Neega and Ryann. They head east to track down the thieves across the Golden Sea.
1509-12-11 Game On 3 The party reaches Razorbrook River and investigate the caves for the wererats.
1509-12-12 Game On 4 The party sneak into the town of Fortune, hot on the trail of the Baroness' Crown.
1509-12-20 Game On 5 The party sneak into the thief's fort and find they have an unlikely ally.
1509-12-?? HcH: Arcadia 1 Malakai is alone
1509-12-09 DwD 111.2 Malakai's message arrives to Baron Georg Grimgeist in Misty Rapids.
1509-12-11 DwD 135 Zweihard Blacksteel finds the abandoned Coal Mine.
1509-12-?? HcH: Otherside 1
1509-12-?? HcH: Arcadia 2 Malakai & Georg meet in person in the Plane of Shadow.
1509-12-?? HcH: Otherside 2
1509-12-?? HcH: Arcadia 3
1509-12-?? HcH: Otherside 3
1509-12-?? HcH: Arcadia 4
1509-12-17 DwD 136.2 Zweihard Blacksteel blinds a Cyclops.
1509-12-18 DwD 112 Georg returns to Misty Rapids to check in with Vansessa, Mother Emma and the Sheriff.
1509-12-18 Devotion 18 The band performs for the wedding of Kel Bell's Niece in Bridgelight.
1509-12-21 Devotion 19 The band perform at the Bridgelight bridge-lighting ceremony.
1509-12-21 FroFro 15 Party leave Treasure Town on Zaaz's ship.
1509-12-21 DwD 136.4 Zweihard Blacksteel defends Forge of Sayor from Hobgoblin attack.
1509-12-25 FroFro 15 Party visit Fort Wikk for the day to restock.
1509-12-?? HcH: Otherside 4
1509-12-28 HcH: Arcadia 5 Malakai & Georg go to Plane of Shadow.
1509-12-28 FroFro 15 Party return to Treasure Town.
1509-12-29 DwD 137 Zweihard Blacksteel accidentally unleashes the Fire of Creation on the Hemdorkas Hills.
1509-12-?? HcH: Otherside 5 Malakai & Georg search the Plane of Shadow for Van-Healsing and Kain.
1509-12-30 FroFro 15 The party fight 4 snow elementals.


Date Episode Event
1510-01-01 HcH: Otherside 6 Portal in Shirebrook is closed, and moved to Shirebrook Keep.
1510-01-04 FroFro 16 Fight with Bertha the Giant at the Gnoll Tower.
1510-01-?? HcH 39
1510-01-06 HcH 40 Georg turned to stone. Malakai & Van-Healsing flee.
1509-01-09 FroFro 17 Party make deal with Floogal the Kobold to kill the Dragon Sleet.
1510-01-11 Devotion 20 Party sent by Kel Bel of Bridgelight to investigate fires coming from Longcast.
1510-01-13 Devotion 20 Party arrives in Longcast and bonfires burning demon bodies & investigate the injected in a temple.
1510-01-14 Devotion 21 Party leave Longcast.
1510-01-14 RollPlay: Pride of Vanderhorn The Vanderhorn Family is informed Lord and Lady Vanderhorn were in Heatstroke when the Demons invaded.
1510-01-15 Devotion 21 Party investigate Limestone and find it undamaged.
1510-01-16 Devotion 21 Party investigate Cauldron and find it abandoned of people and some demons.
1510-01-17 DwD 138.1 Zweihard Blacksteel defends Forge of Sayor from Cyclops attack.
1510-01-21 HcH 40 Malakai & Van-Healsing arrive in Bon' Theris.
1510-01-22 Devotion 22 Party report in to the King of Mistrya in Crownhold about the Demon Invasion of Eridon.
1510-01-23 Devotion 23 The party arrive with 13 elven children in Lothtrin.
1510-01-25 FroFro 17 Party return to Treasure Town. Zaaz's ship isn't there for them.
1510-01-26 Devotion 23 The party arrive in Sylden by ship. Leave on a ship for Sandashar.
1510-02-01 FroFro 17 Party spot a floating travelling island out at sea, while waiting in Treasure Town.
1510-02-06 Devotion 24 The ship the band is on hits still waters. Kes thinks it is the same as last time when she was attacked in her dreams.
1510-02-06 DwD 138.2 Zweihard Blacksteel returns to Blacksteel Keep, ending his Rite of Passage.
1510-02-08 Devotion 25 The party arrive in Sandashar by ship. Ransom finds his father, Liam, in bed with Kes's Mother, Kalia Ethelle. Over dinner many secrets get revealed.
1510-02-10 Devotion 26 Rhonda is arrested for the murder of a Mistryan bounty hunter in Sandashar.
1510-02-11 Devotion 27 Ransom's father, Liam, is killed by Bounty Hunters. Rhonda is freed.
1510-02-13 Devotion 28 The band enter the Drahkilian Hills, north of Sandashar.
1510-02-14 DwD 138.3 Zweihard Blacksteel's father dies.
1510-02-16 Devotion 28 The band leave the Drahkilian Hills.
1510-02-17 Devotion 29 The band defeat 2 Ankheg. Kellen accidentally marries Lishchyna.
1510-02-19 Devotion 30 The band defeat the Ghost of Elvis Presto in a Ghost Mining Town in the Quazarian Steppes.
1510-02-20 Devotion 31 The band had a very dramatic night at an oasis.
1510-02-21 DwD 138.4 Zweihard Blacksteel's gives his brother the Axe he crafted.
1510-02-23 Devotion 32 The band deal with a Hydra.
1510-02-24 Devotion 32 The band reach Yetel.
1510-02-28 Devotion 33 The band find the Crown Prince of Akuba, Shunin, on Aska Island.
1510-02-28 DwD 139.1 Meeting of the Thanes at Blacksteel Keep.
1510-03-?? Drekis declares war on Mistrya.
1510-03-02 Devotion 33 The band return to Yetel.
1510-03-03 FroFro 18 Find Fort Pass
1510-03-04 FroFro 18 Kel William meets Sleet. Party retreat back to Treasure Town.
1510-03-05 Devotion 34 Masquerade Ball in Yetel
1510-03-06 Devotion 35 Kellen and Piane offend the governor of Yetel with the song agsinst eating Hippogriffs.
1510-03-07 Devotion 37 Kellen and Olivia get engaged.
1510-03-08 DwD 139.3 Zweihard Blacksteel saves some Halflings from Goblins.
1510-03-09 Devotion 36 Kes arrives in Drunsbarr and goes speed dating.
1510-03-13 Devotion 37 Kellen and Olivia visit Olivia's family at Kneecap.
1510-03-13 Devotion 38 Kes & Guy Claypool visit Roxsis.
1510-03-21 HcH 41 Malakai meets the Bon' Theris VIPs & goes Giant Hunting.
1510-03-15 DwD 140.1 Zweihard Blacksteel meets with Great Thane Bloodstone in Mil Faldur.
1510-03-15 Devotion 38 Kes & Guy Claypool visit Valuria.
1510-03-17 DwD 140.2 Mil Faldur attacked by Cyclopes. Zweihard Blacksteel evacuates.
1510-03-20 Devotion 38 Kes & Guy Claypool visit Halfhill.
1510-03-20 Devotion 37 Kellen and Olivia return to Bridgelight.
1510-03-24 Devotion 39 Kes and Guy Claypool return to Bridgelight.
1509-03-24 DwD 140.3 Zweihard Blacksteel meets Sky, the Brass Dragon in the Hourglass Desert.
1510-03-25 Devotion 40 Kellen & Olivia's wedding takes place in Bridgelight.
1510-03-28 DwD 141 Zweihard Blacksteel sees the Demon Occupation of Heatstroke.
1510-03-30 DwD 141 Zweihard returns to Weatherlight.
1510-04-?? HcH 42 Malakai leaves Bon' Theris for Eridon to find books for his library.
1510-04-04 DwD 141 Zweihard Blacksteel reports in to his brother outside Keldoram.
1510-04-08 DwD 142 Zweihard Blacksteel returns to Blacksteel Keep, outside Tharnham, as acting Vizier.
1510-04-10 HcH 42 Second Fleet Disappears. Malakai disappears.
1510-04-15 DwD 142 Zweihard Blacksteel finds the remains of a dead Grell.
1510-04-15 FroFro 19 Party returns to Salt Port and fight the ghost in the brothel.
1510-04-17 DwD 142 Zweihard Blacksteel finds Mithril in the Hemdorkas Hills.
1510-04-21 FroFro 20 Jaromir creates Kat the frost elemental. Grimes and Jaromir fight an ooze. William invites Mangi to come to meet them at Salt Port.
1510-04-30 DwD 143 Zweihard Blacksteel retrieves a sizeable amount of Mithril from the Mithril Mine, however he encounters alive Grell.
1510-05-12 FroFro 21 Battle of Salt Port Keep.
1510-05-13 FroFro 22 Party hides from Sleet inside Salt Port Keep.
1510-05-?? FroFro 22 Party return to Fort Wikk to recover from the Battle of Salt Port Keep.
1510-06-15 DwD 144 Thane Einhard Blacksteel and his army return to Blacksteel Keep, having lost half their numbers in their battles in the Hemdorkas Hills.
1510-06-?? HcH 43 Van investigates what happened to the souls stuck in the Plane of Shadow.
1510-06-?? HcH 42 Malakai appears back in Bon' Theris.
1510-07-20 FroFro 23 The party fight Sleet.
1510-08-11 GTC 01 The Barbos go after a coffin for Wyatt.
1510-08-24 GTC 02 The Barbos go into a Spider Cave.
1510-08-27 GTC 03 The Barbos hunt a hill giant near Gumpbrun.
1510-09-14 GTC 04 The Barbos arrive in Pernisis and meet Lord Tavington Jr.
1510-09-19 FroFro 24 The party haul the treasure hoard back to Fort Wikk.
1510-09-21 FroFro 25 Fight at Fort Wikk.
1510-09-21 GTC 04 Midori makes a pact with Voraci, the day after the new moon.
1510-09-25 GTC 05 The Barbos ambush a Major Tavington's wagon shipment between Fen Den & Gumpbrun.
1510-10-01 GTC 05 The Barbos arrive in Bridge Gate, and there are celebrations over the sacking of Halfhill a few days ago.
1510-10-?? Alex Guilder overthrows the King of Mistrya and becomes the new King.
1510-10-?? Goldhill is conquered by Mistrya with the help of Scoria. Scoria leaves 2 of here children behind to guard the town.
1510-10-?? Shenanigans 113 Adventurers from Shenanigans kill one of the Red Dragons at Goldhill. Leave the other dragon hiding in the gold mine alive.
1510-10-14 GTC 06 The Barbos accidentally free an imprisoned Vampire, Cassandra, from a tomb at the southern end of the Draken Ridge.
1510-10-15 GTC 07 The Barbos arrive in Goldhill and see it is under Mistryan occupation with a Red Dragon in the Gold Mines.
1510-11-08 GTC 08 The Barbos arrive in The Talens and investigate what the Drekissin Military is doing there.
1510-11-13 GTC 09 The Barbos return to Pernisis.
1510-11-14 GTC 09 The Barbos arrives in Bon' Theris.
1510-11-?? Shenanigans 128 The King Consort of Drekis is assassinated by adventurers from Shenanigans has a drunken accidental death.
1510-11-21 FroFro 26 Arrival at Swampside
1510-11-21 FroFro 27 Tomb of the King
1510-11-24 GTC 10 The Barbos arrive in Rockwave.
1510-11-25 GTC 10 The Barbos arrive at the Gryphon Tower in Talon to collect books for Malakai.
1510-11-29 GTC 11 The Barbos free some slaves from hobgoblins.
1510-12-02 GTC 11 The Barbos arrive in Hillsborough.
1510-12-06 GTC 11 Captain Barbo kills a Mountain Giant.
1510-12-07 FroFro 28 Tomb of the King
1510-12-07 GTC 11 The Barbos kill another Mountain Giant.
1510-12-15 HcH 44 Malakai recieves a shipment of books from GTC
1510-12-16 Shenanigans 132 Doreen fights with the barbarian Vampire, Cassandra in the Halfling Riverlands, but Cassandra escapes.
1510-12-18 GTC 12 The Barbos bring a mutilated alive Mountain Giant into Hillsborough.
1510-12-17 FroFro 29 Dead Wood
1510-12-19 FroFro 30 Party meed Nimrod.
1510-12-19 HcH 44 Van and Malakai murder a Stone Giant. The other Stone Giant flees from them.
1510-12-22 GTC 13 The Barbos visit Fortune on the day of the Full Moon.
1510-12-25 GTC 14 The Barbos hide out in Copperhill.
1510-12-?? FroFro 31 The party befriends a local Kobold Tribe.


Date Episode Event
1511-01-04 GTC 14 The Barbos return to Fortune.
1511-01-05 GTC 15 The Barbos obtain a Philosophers' Stone.
1511-01-10 HcH 44 Van and Malakai visit Copperhill
1511-01-13 GTC 15 Midori causes an explosion in Copperhill with the Philosophers' Stone.
1511-01-13 HcH 45 Van and Malakai visit Wikkthronrarenta.
1511-01-17 GTC 16 Malakai returns to Copperhill, to help out the Barbos.
1511-01-20 GTC 16 Barbos and Malakai teleport to Bon' Theris
1511-01-23 HcH 45 Malakai arrives at the Wizard Airship.
1511-01-29 HcH 46 Malakai returns to Bon' Theris.
1511-02-01 GTC 17 Barbos assassinate Colonel Tavington in Fen Den.
1511-02-12 HcH 47 Malakai arrives in Sandashar
1511-02-12 HcH 49 Van-Healsing and his followers arrive in Stromheim.
1511-02-20 FroFro 32 Party head out from Swampside to retrieve the rest of the loot from Sleet's Cave.
1511-02-23 GTC 18 Barbos arrive in Stromheim.
1511-02-24 HcH 47 Malakai is trapped and questioned by Balurion, the Brass Dragon
1511-03-01 FroFro 33 The god Belum speaks at the party.
1511-03-01 GTC 19 Barbos battle with Demons in the Hourglass Desert.
1511-03-17 GTC 20 Brad Barbo & Kumo fight to the death.
1511-03-21 Akuban Knights 01 The King Haraziem of Akuba is Assassinated in Mistrya.
1511-03-29 FroFro 34 The party defeat a Dracolich in the Crypts of the Illumis Temple.
1511-03-31 Akuban Knights 02 The Akuban royal family return to Sandashar with King Haraziem's remains.
1511-04-05 Akuban Knights 02 The royal family arrive in Tal'Ushar.
1511-04-06 FroFro 35 The party talk with some giants. Are told of two locations to explore as well as some history of Caldonia.
1511-04-13 Akuban Knights 03 The royal family visit the family tomb in Tal'Ushar.
1511-04-16 Akuban Knights 04 The Royal Family attend a Meeting of the Conclave in Sandashar.
1511-04-20 FroFro 36 Party discover the Imperial Mine, an Iron Mine. The next day they send word to Drekis with the news.
1511-04-20 HcH 49 Van's Dragon Scale Armor is finished in Stromheim.
1511-04-21 Akuban Knights 04 The royal family run afoul of a Basilisk outside Tal'Ushar.
1511-04-24 Akuban Knights 05 Civil War breaks out in Akuba
1511-04-27 Akuban Knights 06 Royal Family hides out with some goblins
1511-05-07 Akuban Knights 06 Royal Family arrives in Barbarian Lands in the Brasslands
1511-05-12 Akuban Knights 07 The barbarian leader Rada gets married.
1511-05-13 FroFro 36 Party begin exploring the Tomb of the First King near the Giant's Shrine to Nerual.
1511-05-21 Akuban Knights 08 The royal family sneak into Abenkai.
1511-05-21 Akuban Knights 09 The royal family loot the tomb of Duncan Spark'steel in Abenkai.
1511-05-25 HcH 47 Malakai investigates Falstaff's tomb in Sandashar
1511-05-29 FroFro 37 Party finishes exploring the Tomb of the First King.
1511-06-02 FroFro 38 Party meets with King Gordoth the Wise, leader of the Frost Giants.
1511-06-07 Akuban Knights 10 The royal family arrive in Yetel and find it is under the control of the East Faction of the Akuban Civil War.
1511-06-07 Akuban Knights 11 The Akuban Knights are formed, a fake Mercenary Company trying to win the loyality of the East Faction of the Akuban Civil War.
1511-06-11 FroFro 38 Party returns to Swampside. They see that there is a group of scholars and slaves at the camp.
1511-06-07 Akuban Knights 12 The Akuban Knights in Pike's Point manage to make a mould of the key to the city.
1511-06-21 HcH 48 Malakai steals King Ra'mar Sha'zaaren's diary
1511-06-25 FroFro 39 Conquest is established as a base of operations in Caldonia.
1511-06-30 Akuban Knights 13 Sami creates the spell "Sami's Mark of Recall".
1511-07-01 Akuban Knights 14 The Akuban Knights return to Yetel.
1511-07-04 FroFro 39 Party investigate the Scrag Hole.
1511-07-11 FroFro 41 Conquest is attacked by Scrag.
1511-07-15 FroFro 40 Party return to Swampside
1511-07-25 Akuban Knights 15 The Akuban Knights help capture Pike's Point for the Eastern Block.
1511-07-29 HcH 48 Malakai meets with the Elven ambassador Bic in Sandashar
1511-07-30 FroFro 41 Party kill Gale.
1511-08-02 Akuban Knights 16 The Akuban Knights arrive in Sairo on a infiltration sabotage mission.
1511-08-03 Akuban Knights 17 Maya assassinates Lord Gildarien in Sairo with help from The Family.
1511-08-14 FroFro 41 Party return to Conquest see the aftermath of the Scrag attack.
1511-08-18 FroFro 41 Party return to Swampside and find it was also attacked by Scrag.
1511-08-08 Akuban Knights 18 The Akuban Knights return to Pike's Point. Yet assigned to a diplomatic mission to Drekis.
1511-08-16 Akuban Knights 18 The Akuban Knights return to Yetel.
1511-08-20 Akuban Knights 19 The Akuban Knights fight with a Wyvern north of Roxsis.
1511-08-21 FroFro 42 Party return to the Scrag Hole.
1511-08-30 FroFro 43 Party return to King Gordoth the Wise, leader of the Frost Giants.
1511-09-04 Akuban Knights 20 The Akuban Knights meet with the Queen of Drekis in Wikkthronrarenta.
1511-09-19 Akuban Knights 21 The Akuban Knights kill the 2 Black Dragons of Nereid Lake.
1511-09-24 FroFro 44 Party fight Squall, loot Gale's lair.
1511-09-19 Akuban Knights 22 Maya becomes engaged to Prince Nicholas Wikk.
1511-09-28 Shenanigans 146 The party capture an Elephant for the Akuban Knights.
1511-09-28 Akuban Knights 23 The Akuban Knights make preparations to hunt down the Roc of the Great Horn.
1511-10-05 Akuban Knights 24 The Akuban Knights kill the Roc of the Great Horn.
1511-10-12 Akuban Knights 25 Budariousz is kidnapped.
1511-10-15 FroFro 44 Party fight Squall again.
1511-10-23 FroFro 45 Party return to Conquest.
1511-11-19 FroFro 45 Party return to Swampside.
1511-11-19 FroFro 46 Party slaughter the last Gnolls of Caldonia.
1511-12-12 FroFro 46 Party uncap the North West Volcano.
1511-12-13 FroFro 47 The fate of Caldonia is decided.

1512 Edit

Date Episode Event
1512-01-01 ODaM 01 VOA is hired by Prince Kronwikk to determine why everyone was killed at a nearby mine
1512-01-03 ODaM 02 Kel Drake Silverhorn is arrested
1512-01-07 ODaM 03 VOA begin investigating Lady Sandra's haunted house
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