History Edit

  • Total bro, they found him in a bar, doin' bro shit. He kills shit n' stuff.
  • Fierce voice.
  • Chad Barbo is looking to glory in the land. He wants his name to be well known and he will do ANYTHING to gain fame and ladies. Ex-Military grunt who served near Highmeadow until that pesky dragon came.
  • Chad Tattoo of a mermaid on his right arm.
  • Has an axe called "Schlomp."
  • Had an arm-wrestling match against Locke which ended in a tie.

Personality Traits Edit

  • I am a killer. I kill the evil men and women of the realm.

Ideals Edit

  • Greater Good. Our lot is to lay down our lives in defense of others. (Good)

Bonds Edit

  • I have an unusual bond to my great Axe named Schlomp.

Flaws Edit

  • I am too in love with fighting and my temper gets to the best of me often.

Feats & Features Edit

  • Great Weapon Master
  • Rage (2)
  • Danger Sense
  • Reckless Attack

Equipment Edit

  • Great Axe (Schlomp)
  • Javelin

Languages Edit

  • Common, Dwarvish

Stat History Edit

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