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Cauldron is named after the massive hot geyser that it is built near. Boiling water pours from a massive hole in the ground, creating the Misty River. The first few miles of the river are too hot to swim in, and people have been killed falling into it. The heat from the hot waters of the river create the mist in the evenings and mornings that provides the namesake for the river. Every half hour or so, the mouth of the river erupts in a massive spout of boiling water that shoots 25’ into the air for up to five minutes at a time. Executions are performed by placing the condemned into a cage attached to the end of a pivoting crane. The cage is then swung out over the geyser and the condemned is boiled to death when the geyser erupts.

Cauldron is a hotbed of religious fervor. The people are apocalyptic in vision and are known for their hasty executions and harsh punishments. Coincidentally, crime in the traditional sense is all but nonexistent in Cauldron, as civilians are regularly executed for fairly mundane crimes. The population of Cauldron is unusually low for such a fertile land.

Baron Reginald Steamhouse was 14 when his father died and Reginald came to power. Even before that, he was a violent and sometimes brutal youth. Power only served to solidify his belief and himself and his methods. His mother spoke out against his violent streak and when he announced his intentions to marry Elizabeth Redshield, a minor noble of no meaningful standing from the county seat, she told him it would be the downfall of their house.

A week after Reginald and Elizabeth were wed, Reginald had his mother and his court wizard executed for crimes against the gods. He claimed they consorted with demons to drive his father mad in a power grab for the barony. As per usual, Regina Castillion (the Countess at the time) rubber stamped the execution like she did with all the people the Steamhouses ‘convicted of crimes’. The Castillion thinking was along the lines of “Cauldron is a mess. Whatever is needed to keep the peace should be done.” They looked the other way.

  • 1510-01-07 - Town falls to Demon Invasion from the East. 
  • 1510-01-16 - Devotion Episode 21 Part 2 visited the town shortly after the Demon Invasion. The Band discovers no people or bodies, just a few Demons. 

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  • The Witch’s Kettle Inn - Poor               
  • The Fourth Haven

As seen in Devotion Episode 21

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  • The Cauldron/Misty River
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