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There are 12 months, of 4 weeks, of 7 days. Every 1st of the month is a Monday, every 28th of a month is a Sunday. The whole of January through March is winter, with each successive season taking up 3 whole months. The winter solstice is on January 1 (the 1st day of winter), which is also New Years Day. The equinoxes are on the 1st of April and October.

While the names of Days & Months are the same as that on Earth, it is considered a translation for the sake of understanding. The people of Arcadia don't actually call the 12th month "December".

The following is a schedule for when stars become visible in the night sky, when they peak, and when they set. The winter months have no stars. More specifically, the stars fade from the east, to the west, over a course of 3 weeks at the onset of winter. Voraci can be seen in the night sky for only a single night, and only if you have a clear view to the horizon. Malkis rises 12 weeks later.

Note: Neal recently posted that Voraci is visible in the sky more than a single night. The exact length at the moment is unknown.

New moon on the 1st (Monday). Full moon on the 15th (Monday).

Solstice & Equiniox is the start of the seasons, and not linked with the mid-season days. Meterological & Astronomical seasons appears to be linked up in this geocentric system.

This new calendar is started to be implemented into campaigns as of Light of Illumis in February 2023 onwards. Campaigns made before this date used the Real-World calendar (Gregorian).

Names in italics are upper/lower gods.

Name Rise Peak Set
Malkis April 1 May 15 June 28
Ponos April 19 June 5 July 18
Velthara May 2 June 16 August 1
Jexel May 13 June 27 August 12
Chis May 24 July 10 August 23
Reluna June 7 July 21 September 6
Matrigal June 18 August 4 September 17
Martha July 1 August 15 September 28
Womaatoar July 11 August 25 October 10
Nerual July 22 September 8 October 21
Efra August 4 September 18 November 3
Mathis / Safia August 15 October 1 November 14
Quantarius August 25 October 11 November 24
Terrin September 8 October 22 December 7
Velmontarious September 18 November 4 December 17
Astair October 1 November 15 December 28
Aaris October 12 November 26 January 11
Agepa October 23 December 9 January 22
Sayor November 6 December 20 Missing
Bellum November 17 January 3 Missing
Solt November 28 Missing Missing
Terrasa December 11 Missing Missing
Voraci January 1 Missing Missing

All gods are associated with at least 1 holiday. Martha, Astair, Voraci, Nadinis, and Jexel all have 2 holidays. Malkis chose to break the pattern and gift his extra holiday to his son, the god of luck. A list of holidays can be found here.