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Caldonia is a frozen landmass in the Arcadian Isles. Located south of Arcadia, it was a land long avoided as a cursed placed, frozen over during the Breaking of Arcadia. Ancient Caldonia was once home to a human kingdom.

Modern History[]

For most of modern history Caldonia was left alone. That was until 1509 when High Princess Sela of Suulwikk, Drekis launched an expedition to Caldonia in hopes of recovering the treasures of a lost civilization. (Frozen Frontier)

Also in 1509, the crew of the Riftdancer from Misscliks Seaborn visit to Caldonia takes place a few months into the Frozen Frontier campaign, but the two groups do not cross paths.

Tribes of Kobolds and Gnolls cover the rest of the landmass, sticking mostly to the forested areas. Above them were the four white dragons: Sleet, Squall, Gale, & Frostbite. Frost Giants inhabit the southern mountains of Caldonia, there were simple small giants summoned by the Scrag before the freezing of Caldonia. They become the Frost Giants in order survive the climate change. The Scrag population still exists, but live inside the mountains.

In 1510 the Kingdom of Drekis entered a war, and used their plunder of the fallen human kingdoms to fund their war efforts.

At the end of 1512 the entire island of Caldonia vanished. In late 1513, 2 survivors of Drekis's Caldonian Expedition returned home, and reported that the whole land mass had teleported to Demon Homeworld.


Misscliks Caldona

Old Misscliks Caldonia Map

The human towns of Conquest, Salt Port, Treasure Town, Swampside & New Haven are now frozen ruins.

With the tomb of the Minotaur Angus Heraford being located on an island near the Caldonia mainland, there could have been a Minotaur population in Caldonia before it froze over. (Tombs of Scoria: Episode 09)