Bridgelight is named for the stone bridge that crosses Lake Edrick. The bridge is covered with these semi magical lights that are imbued into these paper lanterns that sit on the tops of poles and kind of dangle on the sides. But the lanterns get worn, they get damaged, and when they get damaged they stop functioning, so once a year on they replace all the lanterns up and down the bridge, and have this big bridge-lighting ceremony.

King Alex Guilder used to be the ruler of this town and had the rank of Count. Who took over for him in 1510 is currently unknown.

Bridgelight is also home to Kel Bel who lives in a well fortified building on the far end of town.

Lord Permare rules a village 8 miles outside the town that is one of the villages under Bridgelight's control.

Leadership Edit

  • Ruler:
  • Captain:
  • Gatekeeper:
  • Sheriff:
  • Watchmen:

Demographics Edit

  • Mostly Human

Inns Edit

  • The Doughnut - Common Quality
  • The Rat Hole - Poor Quality

Taverns Edit

  • The Doughnut
  • Dee's Dinner

Temples Edit

  • General          

Other Edit

  • Magic Shop
    • Wallace's Whimsical Wares

Watersource Edit

  • Lake Edrick
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