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Bravo - Official map by Koibu

Bravo (aka Arcadia East) is a small landmass (234 miles long, 164 miles wide) in the Arcadian Isles.

The people of this landmass call it "Arcadia", claiming to be the "true" island of Arcadia. The claim to call itself Arcadia comes from being allegedly the first land created by the gods in the world of Arcadia. This name is also claimed by the Arcadia West. The wiki will use the name "Bravo", as it is called by those elsewhere.

Before the Breaking of Arcadia (known locally as "When the storms came and the mountains rose"), the island was far more flat and hospitable (see the Ancient Bravo page for more details). Following the Breaking, a tsunami covered the land, and mountains magically rose up. Jungles and swamps developed. Old settlements were abandoned, and the survivors resettled.

Most people on the island don't use currency, except when trading with the dwarven holds (Empires of Arcadia). This seems to have changed by 1517 where dwarven coins have circulated and are in usage in all settlements as the primary currency (Rise of Drekis).

Yaka Alliance[]




See Main Article: Yaka
  • Largest City in Bravo
  • Ruled by a Council of Clerics. Caste system is implemented.
  • Founded during The Legend of Yaka
  • Home to the Player Characters of Empires of Arcadia.
  • Population: 3000




  • Village on the South Coast, down the Yangola River from Yaka
  • Population 700 (by 1517 population is in the low thousands)
  • Was being harassed by a Green Dragon, Anthrax. Joined the Yaka Alliance in exchange for the removal of the Dragon.




  • Halfing Village built into the hills at the foot of Dwarf Mountain
  • Population: Around 250
  • Leader: Governor Muse
  • Visited during The Legend of Yaka, Empires of Arcadia, & Rise of Drekis.




Ayu is an island. When you first get to the coast, it is this nice sandy bar with jungle on it and you see this island maybe a mile or mile and a half out from land. Just sitting out there with these cliffs that go around it with a sandy ramp. There are walls on the cliffs made of stone and reinforced by wood. And buildings upon buildings upon buildings forming a spire in the middle of town. As it changes to low tide, a spit of land emerges from the receding tide, giving you a 10 foot wide walkway across to the island. - EoA Ep 13
  • Ruled by a Monarch, currently Queen Opal
  • Ayu occupies the entire island.
  • Ayu is connected to the mainland during lowtide by a landbridge.
  • People of Social Status wear silver
  • Population: Mostly Human and Half-Elf. Some Forest Gnomes
  • Visited during Empires of Arcadia, & Rise of Drekis.

Ember's Keep[]


Ember's Keep

Ember's Keep sits atop of a stone mesa that rises out of the swamp. It looks like it has been reinforced over the years, where the rock may have eroded away, it has been filled. The keep itself is made of stone, a couple hundred feet on a side. The entire population is crammed inside the keep. There is draw bridge that drops on the northwest and southeast sides of the keep.
  • Settlement predates the Breaking of Arcadia
  • Population: 400 to 500 (appear inbred)
  • Government: Led by a council of 3 people
  • Former outpost of Nekkraut situated in the swamp. The swamp predates the Breaking of Arcadia.
  • Former members of Ember's Keep founded the town of Dorak, but it was destroyed by monsters around a hundred years ago





  • The town of 300 people is run by wizards. They live along the edge of cliffs under a bluff. The town is commonly battered by storms. Houses are carved into the cliff face.
  • Isolationist
  • Population around 300, all human
  • Finn is the elder wizard of Rikki


The Dwarves are split into 3 clans: the Bluesteel, Bluecliff, and Skyshroud. Bluesteel control the Wyrm Range and the Korakis Mountains. Bluecliff control the Bluecliff Mountains. Skyshroud control Mount Skyshroud.

The Capital of the Bluesteel Dwarves is Bluesteel City, an underground Dwarven City located in the middle of the Korakis Mountains. Ruled by Thane Grimgore Bluesteel.


The Elven Territory is jealously guarded by the elves, prone to shoot any intruders with their bow. Only the Trading Post of Solvang is open to non-elves as a place to trade with the elves. See Elven Wood for more details.



Solvang aka Sol'feng

  • Solvang is two townships joined by a river. Humans living on the South-West Bank and Elves living on the North-East Bank. The river marks the border with the elven territory. The town is unwalled but defended by hidden elven forces.
  • Called Sol'Fang or Sol'Feng by the elves.
  • Population: 250-300 (Human side of river)
  • Population: Unknown (Elven side of river)
  • Visited during The Legend of Yaka, Empires of Arcadia, & Rise of Drekis.
  • The Human side of the town can support between 300 and 400 people, meaning there are many empty houses there.
  • Elves protect the human settlement, and the human settlement appears to be comprised of very docile humans who exchange goods & labor with the elves for luxury goods.


Shelter Bay[]


Shelter Bay

  • Shelter bay is a tiered town, carved into the base of a cliff face. The 2 tiers are sheltered by the overhang of the cliffs above. The town was built before the Breaking of Arcadia, over 1500 years ago, by the Eastern Empire, but is now settled by a Goblin Population.
  • Likely destroyed during the events of EoA Episode 37
  • Population: ~130 (Goblins)





  • Town that existed after the Breaking of Arcadia but destroyed centuries ago
  • Located alongside of the Yangola River
  • Ruins are located to the South of Yaka.




  • Town founded by the people of Ember's Keep
  • Destroyed around 100 years ago by monsters after a rockslide destroyed their defenses




  • Town that existed after the Breaking of Arcadia but destroyed 400 or 500 years ago
  • Ruins are located to the South of Ayu.
  • Around Shang are carvings of faces in the rock faces, believed to be one of the gods.





  • Capital of the Acropolis Empire in Bravo before the Breaking of Arcadia.
  • During the Breaking of Arcadia, Acropolis was the site of a great sinkhole, the whole city was sunk down, and the hole eventually filled with water and became a lake.
  • Located to the North-NorthWest of Yaka




You are walking amongst the ruins of a great city. A tower falls broken along against the mountain side, collapsed and part of it still going up, rest going horizontal. There is a large wall here that is overgrown. You only realise it at the top but if you kick around at the bushes you can see there are vines have grown up and causing a ramp, but it is actually a huge pile of brush. There are all sorts of things here, most of it is ruined stone you can't see, but every now and then there is half of a domed building or structures carved into the face of the mountain a few miles away. It looks like the mountains rose beneath the structures and has made the ground into the face of the mountain. They see a beautiful stone mosaic floor in a temple that is now on the face of the mountain.
  • Town that existed before the Breaking of Arcadia.
  • Ruins are located to the East of Yaka.
  • Royal Crypts of the old Western Empires was located here.




  • Capital of the Nekkraut Empire in Ancient Bravo before the Breaking of Arcadia.
  • During the Breaking of Arcadia, Nekkraut was the site of a great eruption. A mountain, scores of miles wide rose right under the city, ruining the city.
  • Located to the South of Ember's Keep
  • Known for it's massive tower, which now is in ruins.




  • Town that existed before the Breaking of Arcadia.
  • Was a coastal town on a flat peninsula before the swamps formed and the mountains rose.
  • Located in the swamp in the west end of modern Bravo.