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First appeared in Dicing with Death Episode 11.

Last appeared in Dicing with Death Episode 16. Killed by Purple Worm.

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Dwarven prison tattoos: Black ink tattoos adorn body:

  • Right shoulder: Bul (fear).
  • Left shoulder: Bal (exploitation).
  • Neck: Bel (fatalism).
  • Back: Tilted scales of Quantarius.
  • Right forearm: hammer of Sayor.
  • Gauged ear plugs


Spent time in prision and is now an outcast. Did time for concluding with orcs.

Distantly related from his cousin Zweihard Blacksteel (Dicing with Death Episode 133).

Weapon Proficiencies Edit

  • Maul, Two-handed Fighting, Club, Chain Mail, empty spot

Non-Weapon Proficiencies Edit

  • Reading/Writing Common 1, Reading/Writing Dwarven 1
  • Endurance (2) 19, Running 13,  
  • Armorer (2) 12, Religion 14,

Equipment Edit

  • Gem Studded Club, Maul, Chainmail, Holy Symbol, 2 Clubs, Knife,

Languages Edit

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