Target: Sara Wilkins, lvl 2 Rogue,
Location: Confluence, Highcastle County, Eridon
Alias used: Leonardo

Inside a small teashop outside Confluence, Assassin meets with his Watcher, Ripley, and is told of the Target is Assassin's predecessor, Sara Wilkins, the former assassin, who apparently failed on the mission. The Watcher tells Assassin that he has 2 weeks to complete the mission, any means of death is acceptable.

Assassin starts by scouting out for inns and taverns for Thieves Cant. He meets two 'mercenaries', Raf & Don, and feeds them a story about the Target carrying a lot of gold. Raf ends up unconscious & Don is stabbed.


Assassin for the next couple of days plays his lute to maintain his cover, and buying fish from the local children for his pet cat, before approaching the Target after playing a set in a Tavern and attempts to befriend her.

On Day 4, Assassin writes a note to the thieves guild, warning them that the Target is an enforcer for a rival guild. Before delivering the note, Leo kills another thief and plants the note on her.

On Day 5, the Target heads north out of town to The Shrine of Matrigal, after Assassin pushes too hard on trying to make friends.

On Day 6, Thursday, Assassin creates another note, this time incriminating the "Sisters of the Bell" and hides the note in a pouch, the bloody dagger from the Thief Murder in a log near the temple. Then Assassin informs the head of the town watch, Sheriff Bronson, where the items are. The Sheriff attempts to arrest the Target, she flees, but is killed by the guards.

Assassin is unable to obtain the Target's magical dagger, Kiss. It is currently in the sheriff's custody.