Age of Iron: Arcadian Isles in approximate positions

The Arcadian Isles are known to consist of Arcadia, Bravo, Caldonia and Ethos.

During the Age of Heroes the isles of Arcadia and Ancient Bravo are confirmed to exist. When Caldonia came into existence is currently unknown.

During the Age of Might there was active trade & travel between Arcadia, Bravo and Caldonia. Towards the end of the Age of Might Human settlers travelled to Caldonia and set up colonies there.

At the end of the Age of Might occurred the Breaking of Arcadia. Arcadia had deep river canyons form, land sink into the sea, and had a desert form. Bravo's become a mountain covered jungle. Caldonian was frozen over. Because of this event the people of Solum consider Arcadia cursed by the gods.

During the Age of Iron the island of Ethos was discovered.

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