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This wiki is designed to store the lore behind the many adventures that take place on the continents of Arcadia, Solum, Bravo, Ethos, & Caldonia that are Dungeon Mastered by Neal Gallery 'Koibu' Pass Erickson.

Infomation in this wiki is community curated and may not be 100% accurate.


Active Campaigns:

Dicing with Death · Empires of Arcadia · Shenanigans
Future Campaign: Tombs of Scoria
Koibu as a player: Heroes of Thylea

Ended Arcadia Continent Campaigns:

Akuban Knights · Assassin · Desperate Measures · Fatal One · Frozen Frontier · Game On
Hardcore Heroes · Homeward Bound · Gnomes, Tomes & Catacombs · Of Dice and Men
Seaborn · Devotion · One-Shots Arcadia · Outpost Santa Barbara · The Legend of Yaka
Demon's Run

Ended Solum Continent Campaigns:

Rollplay: · Legacy · Solum · Age of Might
Misscliks: · Pirate Edition · Demigods · Vigilantes · Outbreak · Amnesia
Other: · Age of Strife · Age of Strife: Legacy · Honorbound · One-Shots Solum

Other Ended Campaigns:

Heroes' Graveyard · Rise of the Dragon Queen · Starfinder: Dead Suns


The Epochs · Chronological Order of Episodes · Graphical Timeline
Wars of Arcadia · Holidays · Watch Order

Magic Items:

Amulet of Malkis · Crown of Domination · Orb of Imprisonment · Riftdancer · Other Magical Items





Modified Rules:

D&D 2e:

D&D 2.Neal:

D&D 5e Homebrew:




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