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Arcadia is roughly 165,685 square miles (Germany + Netherlands + Belgium).

Is located on The World. It is to the west of Solum and to the north of Caldonia.

Arcadia consists of 6 kingdoms:

Also on the mainland four Free Towns, independent from any nation.

Four island kingdoms reside near Arcadia.


In year 0 of the Arcadian Calandar, the Breaking of Arcadia occurred where the gods broke Arcadia to combat the arrogance of mortals using too much power unchecked. There were earthquakes, fires in the sky, volcanoes erupting, tempest winds, the landmass was ripped apart, The Talens sunk into the sea, the corrupt temples were hit by mist creatures with glowing eyes. Things settled down and people left alive rebuilt. To the people of Solum, Arcadia is known as a cursed land because of this event.

At the start of the Arcadian Calandar, the most powerful Kingdom in Arcadia was the Vodan Empire, but it fell into decline as Drekis and Mistrya rose in power, eventually over the centuries, the lands of Vodan were absorbed into the two newer nations. Old Vodan and it's Classical Architecture stills stands today.

In year 1510, Demons of the Plane of Shadows invaded the powerful nation of Eridon, destroying most of it. This power vacuum lead to Mistrya, Drekis and Mahtava to plunder the ruined kingdom. The compeating kingdoms clashed when encountering one-another on Eridonian soil. This struggle lead to a war between Mistrya and Drekis that threatens to turn into a continent wide conflict.