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Arcadia is a island in the Arcadian Isles to the north of Caldonia and south-west from Ethos. It is the setting of most of Neal's recent campaigns.

The island shares its name with that of the world. It is thought to be an act of arrogance because the island is considered to be the first created by the gods. This claim is disputed by Arcadia East who claim this title for themselves.

Arcadia has an area of roughly 429,100 km2 (165,685 mi2). About Germany + Netherlands + Belgium in area..

In the year 1509, Arcadia consisted of six kingdoms:

  • Akuba - a monarchy along a peninsula in the north-west
  • Drekis - a forested kingdom in the west
  • Eridon - a powerful kingdom in the east
  • Mahtava - a matriarchal slave state
  • Mistrya - an agrarian kingdom subjugated by the dragon Scoria
  • Sylvas - an elvish kingdom

The mainland also includes four free towns, independent from any nation.

Four island kingdoms reside near Arcadia.


Age of Mist[]

See: Ancient Arcadia

Age of Heroes[]

See: Ancient Arcadia

Age of Might[]

See: Ancient Arcadia

Age of Iron[]

The Age of Might ended with the Breaking of Arcadia. The gods broke Arcadia to combat the arrogance of mortals using too much power unchecked. There were earthquakes, fires in the sky, erupting volcanoes, and tempest winds. The landmass was ripped apart, The Talens sunk into the sea, and the corrupt temples were hit by mist creatures with glowing eyes.

The Vodan Empire ended up fractured by the Breaking of Arcadia and it's remnants were seized by the rising power of kingdoms. The elves likewise suffered a great loss of territory, but managed to endure with that they had left of Sylvas.

Eridon rose in strength during the Age of Iron, eventually becoming the most powerful Kingdom in the land. Akuba rose out of nomads who were able to settle the newly created Cape of Rohana. Drekis and Mistrya took apart the remnants of the Vodan Empire and too rose in strength. The origins of Mahtava are unknown, but it is claimed by the dragon Cinder that Mahtava did not exist as an nation during the time of the Vodan Empire.

In year 1510 of the Age of Iron, Demons invaded the powerful nation of Eridon, destroying most of it. The resulting power vacuum lead to Mistrya, Drekis and Mahtava to plunder the ruined kingdom. The competing kingdoms clashed when encountering one-another on Eridonian soil. This struggle lead to a war between Mistrya and Drekis that threatens to turn into a continent wide conflict.

New Kingdoms[]

Since 1510, some new Kingdoms have sprung up: