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Ancient Bravo - Fanmap by McTacky

Ancient Bravo is how Bravo appeared before the Breaking of Arcadia in the Age of Heroes then the Age of Might.

Age of Heroes was an era before empires, while Age of Might was when the Empires arose and tamed the lands.

Modern Bravo from The Legend of Yaka and Empires of Arcadia is in the Age of Iron. The Age of Iron takes place after the Age of Might.



Future Eastern Empire[]



Age of Heroes

  • A village in the Age of Heroes
  • Nekkraut begins as a farming village with a creek running through it.
  • Population: Couple Hundred (almost a thousand by DwD 204) Through Divans life the town swells into a city, the creek turns into a River with the help of Platos a minor spirit.

Age of Might

  • Capital of the Eastern Empire in the Age of Might


Age of Heroes

  • Romulus is a village situated between 2 hills where a creek flows. The villager proper is like 400 feet across amd 800 feet long. In the centre is the town square with a throne and unlit bonfire. The town square is 60 foot by 60 foot.
  • When first met, the people of Romulus were ruled by the Warlord Remus. The warlord had managed to gain tribute from neighboring towns by taking hostages. This allowed Romulus to support 10 fighters which is typically far too expensive for villages of this era.


Age of Heroes

  • Fishing village on the South-East coast of Bravo
  • The fish have gone from their waters because of a Aboleth.
  • In the waters nearby, inside an underwater cenote, is the home to some Sea-Elves.

Shelter Bay[]

  • Town near Nekkraut
  • Population: Unknown

The Red Hills[]

  • Hill area named Red for bloody conflicts it suffered
  • Nekkraut, Shelter Bay, Romulus and Psynes are located whitin

The Snake Grass[]

  • Planes beneath The Red Hills
  • Residence of medusa Divan banished

Brakish Fen[]

  • Swamp region located west of Red Hills
  • Home of Drexl the Bloodthirsty's workshop, trolls and giants
  • Location of Ember's Keep during the Age of Might
  • Remained unchanged post Breaking of Arcadia

Future Western Empire[]

Acropolis Ancient


  • Capital of the Western Empire in the Age of Might
  • Created in the Age of Heroes by the God of Chaos, Malkis.
  • Age of Heroes Details
    • Population: Unknown
    • 2 Temples (Generalist Temple, Grand Malkis Temple)


Hearthome Ancient
  • A City-State during the Age of Heroes
    • Sits at the confluence of 4 large rivers (which are a product of many smaller rivers up stream). Around the city are plains with very few trees. Hearthome is a bustling town, it has a 40 foot high packed-earth lined with brick wall built around it. The building inside are made of mud-bricks, regular bricks, or stone, with the rare wooden structure. All the roofs are thatched, except one tiled roofed building. There is a large temple under construction that appears it will have a stone roof. The population appears to be 4 to 5 thousand. The docks are outside the town walls.
  • City in Western Empire in the Age of Might
  • Population: Unknown


  • A town in the Age of Heroes
  • Rests on the conjunction between a river and a lake, south of the Elven forest
  • People have an agreement with the Elves to use a part of their forest
  • Traditionally, Heroes’ Festival is celebrated every year


  • Coastal Town of 30 buildings in the Age of Heroes


  • City in Western Empire in the Age of Might
  • Population: Unknown


The Elves live in the forest on the North-East side of the island.


The Dwarves live in the mountains.