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A relic of the goddess of vengeance, Velthara. Legend says that the amulet has been destroyed and recrafted over the years. The current version was created by Grindel the Cyclops. There is only one of these amulets at a time. They are given to those chosen of Velthara.


During the Age of Heroes, the giantess Grindel, known as a kinslayer and devourer of giant children, came to demand tribute from the human town of Nekkraut. The hero, Divan blinded Grindel in one eye and drove her away. Grindel swore vengeance.[1] Grindel drew the attention of the goddess of vengeance, Velthara. Velthara turned the one-eyed giant into the first true cyclops, increasing Grindel's strength and size. Grindel constructed the new version of the Amulet of Velthara.

Grindel, with her new power, took vengeance upon those who wronged her. After Grindel slew a family of giants that were friends of Divan, Divan swore to slay Grindel. The hero Divan, along with the giant child Chronos, confronted, and slew Grindel. The Amulet of Velthara then passed onto Chronos, having gained vengeance for the deaths of his family.[2]

Ages later, during the Age of Iron in Arcadia, in 1511, the Amulet came into the possession of Cleric of Velthara, Anton.


The amulet is a holy artefact given to Velthara's chosen. Market Value: 2500 gold[2]

  1. Mark of Vengeance: Perform a ritual to mark a person for Vengeance. You'll always know where the person is, direction, distance, general area. E.x. My enemy is 100 miles to the east in the Blue Mountains.[3]
  2. Aura of Velthara: Surrounding the wearer is an aura that subtly turns people's thoughts to Velthara, manipulating their minds to have vengeance at the edge, making them more inclined to take that path when the opportunity presents.[3]
  3. Hidden Weapon: Will act as a bag of holding for a single weapon. Place the amulet on the weapon, speak the words, and the weapon will shrink to fit the amulet, attaching itself to it as a facet or feature. Another word will cause the weapon to return to its normal size, falling from the amulet. When shrunk, the weight is insignificant, but its properties are unusable.[3]
  4. Detect Grudge: Similar to Detect Magic, but for grudges, and can be used 3x per day. You can get the strength of grudge, but not the object of the grudge.
  5. Vengeful Smite: Expend a spell to give a bonus to attack. +1 to hit and damage for each level of the spell expended. Spell does not matter, and has no effect, only the level is considered, and only 1 spell may be expelled per attack. E.x. Making an attack roll, but you expend your Entangle spell before the die is rolled, so you can roll the hit at +1/+1. Or you could have expended nap for a +2/+2. Components are not used.[3]