Blurb[edit | edit source]

Eridon has fallen, Drekis and Mistrya are involved in a war that threatens to consume the whole continent. The children of the aged and failing King of Akuba are uniquely positioned to decide the fate of Arcadia. Will they seek peace or power? Will they pick a side, or fight for themselves? Unfortunately the power to change everything is in their hands.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Neal Pass Erickson: Dungeon Master
Anna-Sophie (Feyama) - Sara (Cleric)
Chloe (FuzzyFreaks) - Maya (Rogue)
Dan (NekkaLucifer) - Sami (Conjurer Wizard)
Sven (OldMightyFriendlyGamer) - Budariousz (Fighter)

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode 01: Arms Deal 9 November, 2018 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png Reddit20px.png
The Royal Family of Akuba arrive in Mistrya on a secret trade deal.
The Royal Family learn from the conclave they may not be Royal for much longer.
Episode 03: The King's Will 23 November, 2018 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png Reddit20px.png
The family read their fathers will and try to get the magical sword and shield from their uncles tomb as directed.
The family return to Sandashar and deliver the news of the trade deal with Mistrya to the Conclave.
Civil War has broken out and the town guard come to arrest the Royal Family.
Episode 06: Uncertainty 4 January, 2019 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png
The party meet a goblin and ask if they can seek refuge with it.
Episode 07: Making Friends 11 January, 2019 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png Reddit20px.png
The party make friends with the Barbarian Tribe to gain their favor.
The party has finished resting and decide to head to Abenkai to the tomb of Duncan Spark'steel
The party head into Duncan Spark'steel's Tomb.
The family are told that Yetel is a neutral city, so decide to head in that direction.
The family arrives in Yetel.
Episode 12: Creating Trust 22 February, 2019 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png
The Akuban Knights get their first mission.
Sami, left alone in Yetel, does some magical research and finds out more about the people also in hiding with him.
The Akuban Knights fight off some raiders on the way back to Yetel.
The Akuban Knights cross the desert to infiltrate Pike's Point on a new mission.
The Akuban Knights leave Pike's Point to infiltrate Sairo.
AK Logo.jpg
Budariousz, Age 20, finds himself in the Drekissin town of Outlast without a copper to his name.
Maya does an assassination mission in Sairo.
The party return to Pike's Point to get their next mission.
The Akuban Knights are travelling to Drekis on a diplomatic mission, but have to deal with a wyvern along the way.
The Akuban Knights are in Wikkthronrarenta, the Capital of Drekis, on a diplomatic mission.
The Akuban Knights set out to kill a pair of young black dragons near Nereid Lake.
The Akuban Knights return from Nerid Lake and find out about the state of the War.
The Akuban Knights prepare for the wedding and for their plan against the Roc.
AK Logo.jpg
Budariousz continues to fight in the Fighting Pits of Outlast.
AK Logo.jpg
Maya starts her espionage training.
Episode 24: Rocy Road 6 July, 2019 Youtube20px.png Twitch20px.png
The Akuban Knights enact their plan against the Roc.
Budariousz has been kidnapped and the Akuban Knights are searching for him.
The Akuban Knights fight hard to save Budariousz.
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