Akuban society is divided into two major types: Nomads and Settlers. The nomads live in the north hills and easter desert. The settlers live along the Cape of Rohana and tend to more wealth, more organized, and more civilized. The nomads often travel in large, well armed groups to avoid confrontation with monsters. They tend to be distrustful of people outside their tribe, the further away from their own kind the less trusted someone is. Relations between the tribal and settled aspects of society are strained, but the two groups try to stay out of each other’s way.

Outside the Nomads and the Settlers are smaller groups. The Barbarians of the Brasslands in Souther Cape of Rohana, the Orcs of the Shade Coast, and the Ascarian who live on the Red Coast on the Shallow Sea.

Society is ruled by the settled, specifically the 13 major noble houses. Of these, one serves as the monarchy, while the other 12 each have have a seat at The Conclave. The Conclave refers to the 12 member party that meets in the capital and oversees national issues, but each town has a council of 12 that oversees local issues. This means that each family has representatives in each town/city.

Akuba had a brief period at around 1142-1143 where it tried to establish a gold pressed paper as payment method. it was called GC or gold cash. The idea died when the monarch Hasarah Haraziem was assassinated, and the died with them.

Akuba has been involved in various wars over the years.

Most recently is the Akuban Civil War.

Arcadian Desert - aka The Desert - is the eastern border of the kingdom.

Koob is slang for Akubian: Those Koobs over there would slit your throat for three copper.

The MonarchyEdit

  • One of the 13 major nobles houses.
  • Runs foreign relations
  • Can overrule any decision made by one of the other 12 families. This can be overruled by a 8/12 vote from The Conclave.
  • Has powers of war: Declaring war, appointing generals, etc.
  • Makes major decisions for the nation

The ConclaveEdit

  • Any issue that is to be decided by The Conclave, must be brought forward to it by one of its members. Without a sponsoring member, no decision can be put forth.
  • In the case of a tie vote, a special mithril die is used. It has 12 sides, each with a number on it, and corresponding numbers around the table, one for each household. Councils use a metal, but not mithril, die.
  • Each member family oversees one aspect of society, providing leadership, regulation, and judicial oversight of that region. Example: All smiths that wish to produce weapons or armor must seek approval from the Spark’steel family. This usually takes the form of a Medallion which must be prominently hung in the workplace.
  • May veto a monarch’s overruling of a specific family. Example: A blacksmith would like to become an armorer, so they apply with the Spark’stel family who turns them down. They appeal to the king, who grants them a medallion. The Spark’steel family brings the issue before the conclave, who votes to overrule the King’s decision. They then revoke the smith’s medallion. Requires 8/12 votes to overrule the monarchy.
  • In the time between one monarch’s death and the succession of their heir, the Conclave may vote to appoint one of the 12 members to the monarchy. The now-former monarch family would take over the duties of their replacement family. Requires 12/12 votes.
  • Any family that no longer has enough members to maintain a presence throughout the kingdom may be voted out of the Conclave, and replaced with another. Requires 11/12 votes, as well as the current monarch’s vote.

Major Noble HousesEdit

# Name Species Focus Description
0 Haraziem Human Monarchy Foreign relations, judicial oversight,
1 Gil’daaren Human Treasury Collects taxes, keep records, enforce taxation.
2 Sha’zaaren Human Justice Appoints sheriffs. Oversees local law enforcement. Manages jails.
3 Sha’zhar Human Magic Keeps tabs on all spell casters in the Kingdom. Will hunt down unregister spell casters.
4 Baladin Human Faith Sees to the maintenance of temples, shrines, and holy sites.
5 Stone’song Dwarven Commerce Sets rules for trade in towns/cities. Collects fees, provides security, builds market places, etc.
6 Tezro’han Human Travel Shipbuilding, bridge & road assessment and maintenance. Management of docks, and collector of fees
7 Aboudad Human Equestrian Breeding of horses, regulations around buying and selling,
8 Spark’steel Dwarven Armory Regulates who can makes weapons and armor. Regulates who can buy armor.
9 Questari ½ Elf Rangers Manage hunting & poaching. Keeps tabs on monsters. Maintains maps of the wilds.
10 Amari Halfling Livestock Oversee issues of livestock. Manage / maintain levels across society. Deal with predators.
11 Zazaren Halfling Farming Oversee issues of farming. Ensure crop diversity, etc.
12 Orran Human Scholarly Maintains libraries, preserves knowledge and books

by Matthew Burger


by Matthew Burger

Settlement Population Villages
Sandashar 32000 150
Abenkai 6200 35
Aldir 2300 42
Pike's Point 4500 12
Sairo 3600 13
Tal'Ushar 5800 39
Unyaka 9000 23
Yetel 2800 45
Zakot 3100 12
Urban 69,300
Rural 185,500
Total 254,800
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