Sequel series to Fatal One. This is a 5e dungeon crawl community event. There is a large maze filled with horribly lethal and terrible things.

Neal Erickson / Koibu is the Dungeon Master, the rotating cast of four player party of ??? level characters takes a run at the dungeon. There are many ways to get to the exit, and none of them are easy. It will take the community coming together to explore the dungeon, making notes on layouts, monsters, treasures, traps and mechanics. Eventually if all the viewers work together, they might uncover a way through. We will be incredibly strict about the mechanics, for they will need to be pushed to their limits.

Status: 20th May 2019: Planning has started on "2 Fatal", the sequel to Fatal One.
Status: 23rd May 2019: 2 Fatal 2 Lethal is roughly 20% mapped out. (source)
Status: 28th May 2019: 2 Fatal is roughly 35% mapped out. (said during planning stream)

2Fatal: ApolloNik's Community Map/Drive


2Fatal Episode 1 '
Cast · Neal Pass Erickson - DM
Unknown when show will begin.
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